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  1. While working with the new image manager, some BUGS and points of improvement that hopefully will be addressed. - When entering more 150 characters or more in the caption field, you cannot insert or delete anything anymore, all editing options are gone. Backspace, copy & paste nor delete do anything. In case you saved it instead of rejecting the changes, there is NO way to fix anything later. Clearly a very annoying bug. - When copying and pasting keywords, any time the total number exceeds 50, NONE are added and all entered keywords are lost. IMHO much better to simply add all ke
  2. Thanks for the heads up, always nice to hear from staff that the problem has been acknowlegded and that things should return to normal later this week. BTW: does that mean that al released data (until the 28th) so far is both accurate and inclusive? Including sales?
  3. It has now been partially updated (On the Alamy Measures -> Your images screen) Last Updated on : 29 Aug 2016 10:00 GMT However, when checking individual dates, Saturday the 27th appears to be the last day with stats that appear consistent for a non-working day. (normally about 60% lower) For Sunday 28th only 2 views but that still may be correct, I usually have less than 50 on Sundays. Clearly the data for Monday the 29th - as perhaps to be expected - is still missing. Hopefully the next update in a few hours will give Monday's and Tuesday's totals correctly. (-;
  4. Summer bank holiday?!? Seriously? LOL No, probably a well known fact of life and hard to miss when living in the UK, but not something most of us across the Channel will be familiar with. Maybe Alamy could consider giving an announcement of sorts on the Customer Search Activity page when the next update will not be following the usual Mon-Friday schedule? That said, it only explains for part of the missing data
  5. The title says is it all, really: the last available stas for customer searches are from Wednesday the 24th. Maybe staff can give an estimate when they will be updated?
  6. I was quite pleased that one of my fave zoo shots was sold, despite being taken in far from optimal light (-;
  7. " Either because staff read my posts in this thread or sheer luck, all images passed QC, now I'll remove the rotten apples from the barrel (actually a tufted duck in flight) LOL Thanks again and keep up the good work (-;
  8. I imagine media uploads are queued in a waiting line. If faulty/redundant batches are removed before they reach QC, I imagine that would only speed things up. It's not that I am suggesting tampering endlessly with a batch after uploading it, adding or removing files etc. It's basically a kill switch for an upload that is not one you want to go QC at that moment. I am contributor in quite a few other stock sites, but the thing that is different in alamy is that any image in a batch that reaches 100% will automatically be in the QC queue, no matter whether you abort that upload session,
  9. Think you'll find it's different architecture so ftp doesn't suffer the same problems. It'll all be about your own upload speed. Richard. My upload speed is normally fine, no complaints there, as long as the server is active. Yesterday was the worst day I can remember. Even used several different computers, operating systems and browsers. It's simply nice to have a backup if one of the two is down or very unstable.
  10. well to make my point in a rather silly way, this morning accidentally I uploaded a few unedited and unsuitable images that I had misplaced in my alamy upload folder. )-: Yesterday all day I was unable to upload the 45 files I had prepared of the City of Leiden, the upload stalling after 1, 3 or zero images. So very early this morning I decided to give it another go. I opened the folder, selected all images and started uploading. After changing folder view to thumbnails, I noticed some totally unrelated images in that folder too, that were never meant for anything other than the waste bin
  11. Coming back to the original idea, I wouldn't mind having a delete option for a batch. Mainly because recently while uploading a batch of images the upload will often stall indefinitely. Sometimes a few images will have been uploaded, but either the plug-in (or browser) crashes or you have to terminate the upload because it will never complete. Such failed/partial batches would be good candidates for deletion, so you can upload all images from that batch again without having to cull all the doubles/triples (-; Additionally there can be numerous other reasons why you in hindsi
  12. Same here, upload batches nearly always stalling, sometimes able to upload one image, but then the next stopping a 4 or 6 percent. Have been trying for a few hours already. yesterday's batch also took ages to complete. Admittedly this is nothing new, usually every week this happens for a couple of hours, but the problem seems more pervasive now. Do the alamy servers have structural capacity problems, not being able to handle the number of uploads or is it something else? I'll try and set up a ftp server perhaps, but if that's also affected, that won't do much good (-;
  13. Thanks also for your input Bill. I doubt it would be much use cloning out the logos. For some reason or other a logo is more or less expected and the absence of one would be a bit odd.
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