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  1. I have an image of an unusual power station. In fact I have 3 images of the same power station shot from different angles, though they all show the same distinctive (striped) tower. I am wondering if I should regard these as duplicates and only submit one - or is it ok to submit the same subject with 3 different compositions?
  2. " If you check every image 100% then you won't make any mistakes. If you select 100 images from a pool of 250 you need to check that every one meets the QC standard. So a delete submission button is not required. We just need to make our workflow watertight and consistent for every single image we submit. Regards Craig" late to the party on this one I know but this is obviously wrong. E.g. you can accidentally include a duplicate and then realise too late Thanks "
  3. On the page where you can apply it says: But what could I actually submit? Does the mention of photo essays/features mean that they are interested in sets of images that work together which they then sell as a reportage feature? Can anyone expand on this point at all? Thanks
  4. Thanks to everyone for the really useful advice. I'm in a much better position now to add some more (while still keeping them relevant). Ta
  5. This is really useful I hadn't thought. Of course - e.g Spasskaya and Spasskaya Tower are separate key phrases plus the more general clock-tower. OK. Thanks
  6. I've just started contributing to Alamy. I'm having difficulty working out how to get lots of keywords on my images. I believe that you should have quite a few - at least more than the minimum 5 but I'm struggling to find them. The Alamy documentation does not give any specific advice here. For example. I have an image of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kazan Kremlin in Russia - in the Republic of Tatarstan. So - I've used all those as keywords. But - what then? Should I be putting things like "White tower", "Russian Heritage"? I'm not really sure once I get beyond the obvio
  7. Thanks Joseph I take the point. But I did watch the video on the Image Manager page and there was no mention there of the minimum 5 tags. That said I can now see it in the manual and it is a fair point you make. I'll read it before next time.
  8. Thanks Joseph It seems that the issue was the minimum of 5 tags Thanks
  9. My first submission was accepted. In the Image Manager I tagged and captioned the images. But they still say "Not on Sale". What do I have to do to make the images go on sale?
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