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  1. On the page where you can apply it says: But what could I actually submit? Does the mention of photo essays/features mean that they are interested in sets of images that work together which they then sell as a reportage feature? Can anyone expand on this point at all? Thanks
  2. Thanks to everyone for the really useful advice. I'm in a much better position now to add some more (while still keeping them relevant). Ta
  3. This is really useful I hadn't thought. Of course - e.g Spasskaya and Spasskaya Tower are separate key phrases plus the more general clock-tower. OK. Thanks
  4. I've just started contributing to Alamy. I'm having difficulty working out how to get lots of keywords on my images. I believe that you should have quite a few - at least more than the minimum 5 but I'm struggling to find them. The Alamy documentation does not give any specific advice here. For example. I have an image of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kazan Kremlin in Russia - in the Republic of Tatarstan. So - I've used all those as keywords. But - what then? Should I be putting things like "White tower", "Russian Heritage"? I'm not really sure once I get beyond the obvious basic ones. Many thanks for any tips
  5. Thanks Joseph I take the point. But I did watch the video on the Image Manager page and there was no mention there of the minimum 5 tags. That said I can now see it in the manual and it is a fair point you make. I'll read it before next time.
  6. Thanks Joseph It seems that the issue was the minimum of 5 tags Thanks
  7. My first submission was accepted. In the Image Manager I tagged and captioned the images. But they still say "Not on Sale". What do I have to do to make the images go on sale?
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