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  1. Dear All, I currently have one star out of three as a QC rating. This is disgraceful, I let things worsen because I was busy with other projects and work and now I have to wait like 15 days every time Alamy reject a batch. I really regret let things rot this way, but this system is really punitive. After all I have over 5000 images uploaded and I am a valuable member of this community... Do you know what I have to do to improve my QC rating issue? Can I ask Alamy to have me start from scratch or something? Thanks for any reply!
  2. Hi people, I recently uploaded my illustrations on Alamy for QC and i got a rejection says "no camera metadata". How do I add metadata to my illustrations?
  3. It is incredibly frustrating to have a batch of 20 picture fail QC because one photo apparently failed. There is no mention of which particular photo was the problem, just all refused as failed. I have tried breaking the batch up into small loadsand apparently they will faill all photos submitted on the same day because one di not meet their QC. That did not help. Now I resubmitted four of the "failed QC" batcvh and they passed. Any ideas how to get around this silly process?
  4. Hi, it's been a long time I notice a lot of slowness in checking the images send. The situation has probably worsened with the pandemic, in my case I have to wait up to a month to be approved. If the images are not approved then I have to wait another ten days before uploading again. In my opinion it is too long time, we both waste time and money. Thanks
  5. For those of us who don't submit via FTP with keywords already in place, wouldn't it be useful if there was a facility to keyword images whilst they are waiting in QC? I understand that there is a risk that they might fail QC and then all that effort would be wasted but at the same time it would speed-up the clearance process and you wouldn't have to wait for QC to complete to then keyword your images. You may ask why I don't submit via FTP with keywords already in place and that would be a very good question (old habits die hard, I guess).
  6. My first QC fail for ages has left me puzzled. The fail reason is noise, but the shot was taken with an approved DSLR, ISO 200, bright sunshine... everything optimum. And for the life of me, I can't see what they're objecting to. I replied to Submissions for clarification more than two weeks ago, but they haven't replied. Is the QC team refusing to get into this sort of discussion? I have suspended uploads until I hear from them because I'm concerned that they've raised the QC bar.
  7. I submitted a small batch. It passed, I did what was necessary to get them on sale. I upload them with tags in place, so it’s a matter of choosing supertags and completing the Optional page. This batch was the one they make you wait a day before approving, every 10 uploads or so, to keep you honest in your own personal QC. I waited until it was approved, then submitted another small batch. I checked to see of the first batch was on sale yet and it wasn’t. Second batch passed. I readied the second for sale. The first batch wasn’t showing for sale, yet. Now both batches are on sale, happened together instead of order submitted. The second batch approved is showing in my blue number port like it was the most recent batch. In other words, the positions of the batches were flipped. Anyone else seeing this? Ordinarily, I would expect to see a readied batch on sale in 24 hours. But it sat there until the next batch was ready, then they both were put “on sale” at the same time, flipped. Weird. Betty
  8. so recently my photos had failed qc due to 1 of the images , how can i re upload the passed ones and replace the failed with something else , i have tried pressing upload and doing it again but just says failed and wont let me select new images to upload ... plz help me
  9. Hi all and Alamy, we may sometimes mistakenly submit one or two images that are not upto Alamy standard in a batch of hundreds (as I did). If you know you are gonna fail QC but you can't delete or cancel the submitted images other than wait for failure (you already know the reason yourself). Wouldn't it be nice if there is a Cancel Submission button with every batch or submission? we don't want to harm qc history, and it would also save reviewers' time in case unintentional mistake is made with submitting.
  10. Heya - I'm Alex, a passionate photographer. I recently uploaded my test submission, but I believe an error occurred, and I want to see if I can take it back. I only uploaded one image for my test submission and the image is already in QC. I believe that the system requires you to upload 3, but my one image automatically was sent to QC, and I can't upload any more images. However, it also isn't the image I want to upload - and I can't upload the other 2 images I need to upload, so I was hoping if I can take the image back and re-upload my images for my test submission. The ID of the image is 2CCJCYR. I completely understand if it isn't possible, but I was hoping for something. :)
  11. Hi, I’m Alex, a new user here at Alamy. My test submission images were rejected for no metadata, but how exactly do I add EXIF data to my images? Do I upload a new image with all the data, or is there a special place for me to input it?
  12. Hey everyone, I’m Alex, a new photographer at Alamy. I’ve got a few questions :) 1) How long exactly does it take for my images to be reviewed? I’ve heard a day and 3 weeks, but I just wanted some confirmation. :) 2) Is there a way I can stay signed in? Every time I sign in, after awhile I’m out again... 3) Can I not add a payment method (for now)? I’m willing to add one later, but will my account balance be rest if I add/change one? 4) Will my images go live after I add the tags/title/etc., or does Alamy have to do a quick check? :) 5) How can I create and access my portfolio? I know the URL is something like alamy.com/portfolio/username, but it doesn’t work... Thanks!
  13. I uploaded my images in mid April and since then I have done few more uploads but none (65) images have been through QC. This seems to be very long delay in QC approval process compared to other stock photo sites. Not sure if they are under staffed or have. Is a different criteria but over 2 month lag is way off industry standards. Is anyone else facing similar situation or is it just me? Any insight will be helpful in deciding if it is worth waiting or move my photos elsewhere.
  14. Hello all, I uploaded three photos for my first submission over 5 days ago and they are still being processed or whatever although they uploaded fine.I do not see a pass or fail,Also i am not able to add any captions to the right of my page where it's titled mandatory etc ...Any reason for the long delay in process or not being able to add caption?
  15. Hi there, I'm trying to undestand how to submit editorial images: should I upload my pics as usual or should I follow another procedure? Where can I specify that those specific images are for editorial use only? Thank you for your help
  16. I have lost most of my stars in Alamy and want to gain them back. My last several submissions have passed, but I am curious if anyone knows which counts more, batches or individual pictures. Do we get a bigger ding on our rankings because of all the pictures rejected in a batch? Does the algorithm say , "Oh, we just rejected one batch, so that's a point off of Susan," or does it say, "We just rejected 20 images, so that's 20 points off Susan?" I saw a recommendation somewhere to submit in small batches. If I submit many one or two picture batches that pass, will I gain my stars back more quickly? Does anyone know? Thanks for any insight.
  17. How does alamy QC determine if a photo os "in focus"? I'm somewhat new to making higher quality photos, however, I am familiar with photography in the general sense. I also know that a photographer can make a photo unique by putting the plane of focus through one object, or another in the same frame. (e.g. focusing the background or the immediate foreground instead of the main subject.) In my test submissions I have received failures for being "out-of-focus" when there is indeed an object in the plane of focus. How does the QC team know what I am trying to focus on in the photograph?
  18. Well, I haven't had a failure in ages, but I uploaded two images over the weekend. I received the Submission Passed email this morning, but when I logged in I found they'd failed. Anyone else ever have this happen?
  19. Well I've never had this happen before. I started an ftp upload five minutes ago. Then I decided to login to my account. I clicked on a sold image and Image Manager opened with the Congratulations message. The first eleven images appeared as passed. When the upload was done, they all showed up as passed. Wow. Impressive.
  20. I uploaded 41 photographs in the same batch. One of them got rejected so I got this message: "One or More Images Failed QC. This means the remaining images have been rejected without being assessed. " It doesn't make sense to me. It means I have to upload the whole thing again (except for that one photo) and go thru the whole process again. And if by any chance there's another photo out of the 40 I upload that doesn't pass QC, I will have to go thru the process again, and so on, and so on, and so on... Am I gonna have to upload one photo at a time?! Is there a way around this that I'm not aware of (I'm pretty new on this site) This is the only stock photo site I know where this happens. Has this happened to you? Thank You.
  21. Hi! I'm having big problems with the Alamy QC system. I'm an internationally published photographer with 26 years of experience. When I submit my perfectly detailed, sharp, and high-res images, some get rejected, as well as the entire batch! In fact, these are the same image files that I use to make huge prints in sizes up to 40x60. So you can understand my frustration. Thus far, I've found that the Alamy QC system has problems with highly detailed shots of prairies (which is my specialty) and images of flowing water with wonderful motion blur. I can only imagine what it'll do with my fog shots. To make it even more frustrating, the entire batch gets rejected and I can't move forward with keywording the accepted ones. If you have experience with this issue, please let me know how to solve the problem. Thanks so much! Mike
  22. I don't believe in jinxes, so I'll put this out there: last week marked 10 years since my last QC failure.
  23. I have managed to sell a few photos through Alamy and I would like to continue. The only issue is the last few times I submitted photos I failed the QC for a variety of reasons. I look at the photos and they look fine to me. After so many tries submitting photos and not passing QC, does a red flag come up every time one tries to submit, dooming one to fail all the time? I would very much like to continue to submit photos, despite being terribly discouraged about the failures. I have looked at the guidelines and I think I meet the standards with quality photos. Is there a way I might be able to send test photos or have someone look at them for a closer look as to why I have failed so that I do not fail in the future and having images all completely rejected? ANY comment or guidance would be most appreciated. Sandy Macys
  24. Just had a rejection on grounds of noise from a 100 ISO image, taken on a Canon EOS 5M, lightly processed. Looks fine to me at 100% - anyone else noticed a shift ( inexplicable or otherwise) in noise rejection policy?
  25. So glad I discovered this. I've been told by many in the forum to check my photos for sharpness at 200% on a Retina Display screen and have been doing so for some years now on my MacBook Pro when I am out and not able to use my iMac which has a regular screen, since the Retina Display screen makes everything appear so sharp. No more! I was toodling around on Adobe's site and came across this method for making the display on your Retina Screen emulate a regular screen in Photoshop, which means I get a better sense of how sharp an image really is, whether I may want to downsize slightly, and what any noise may actually look like. It also makes me more comfortable that I haven't oversharpeded my RAW photos when I view them this way. I thought this might be helpful for others who rely on their laptops while traveling. I still use 200% to check for dust. http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2013/01/viewing-photoshop-cs6-in-low-resolution-on-a-retina-display.html Read the first paragraph - the rest tells you how to download the correct version, etc if you have problems. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Julianne Kost, but for any photo newbies or those who just want to keep up with what's new in Photoshop and Lightroom and keep improving their skills, I highly recommend Julianne Kost's blogs and tutorials. I've taken classes with her at PhotoExpo and read her stuff/watch her videos a lot. Great way to learn & keep my skills sharp. There is so much you can do in Photoshop and Lightroom, that there is always something new to learn. If you have other tips for checking sharpness, feel free to add them to this discussion.
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