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Self promotion part #164


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If you want to hear me  discussing my work and how i do it, have a listen to this interview I made with Ffoton Wales.





Keith Morris is a commercial photographer living and working in the seaside town of Aberystwyth. His main area of focus is the commercial and news market, deriving a significant amount of income from stock photography. Keith uses his expertise, knowledge and understanding of the market to great effect. By his own admission he does not travel far and works primarily within a 20 mile radius of Aberystwyth and so successful is he at the commercial end of stock, he now runs courses on how to deliver it in an increasingly difficult and competitive area of photography.



His personal work is also geared with the commercial market in mind: he has a long-held passion for working with actors and dancers in theatre and, if the opportunity arises, stills photography for television series are also another source of income. Telling stories is part and parcel of Keith’s raison d'être and he enjoys creating scenarios using actors and models but always with the commercial market in mind. His enthusiasm for his trade is boundless. Sit back and enjoy Keith at his loudest best!"




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That's a fascinating and inspiring insight into your work.


I remember the Zenit E well. That bloody stop down ring at the end on the lens ruined many a shot! If only we could have chimped the shot then, like we can now.

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