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  1. Let me just add a couple more machines you might want to look at, the following offer quad core chipsets Dell Precsision 15 5000 ( Surface Book but has an i7-xxxxU ( The current system is using, sandy bridge and you will be going to Skylake. That's like jumping from a souped-up-horse-drawn-carriage to a modern-era-sportscar. Let me be honest, kaby lake (Intel 7000-series CPU) will start arriving for laptops from Q1 next year. This will be a really interesting, combined with Nvidia pascal architecture. It might be worth waiting for, but that's your call. ThinkPad P40 Yoga Mobile Workstation, Looking into this it has a 65 watt Power-supply: When you're working on a large complex photos/ large bulk saving/ multi-tasking, this is when you will start to max the performance out. Think of the watts, like the towing capability of an engine. If you need to tow a boat, a mini cooper which can only tow upto 1.3 tons isn't going to come close. However, if that is the ideal tool, some are ways around this, maybe dissemble the load in smaller fragments. This is how it works out, (At-load) CPU Requires upto 25 watts (unable to find lenovo technical documentation for specific TDP. Max value has been assumed, since value is most logical) GPU Requires 30 watts That's 55 watts, so you have 10 watts left SSD needs around 2 watts Ram needs around 0.8 watts this has two sticks (for each stick, in total around 1.6watts) thats 3.6 watts 55+3.6= 58.6 watts, 60 watts - 58.6 watts = 1.4 watts left...... This without factouring other important factours: such as the screen, keyboard, speakers, USB's, Fans, etc. It's just a souped up tablet. p.s. The thinkpad P40 is using DDR3L, ideally get a system with DDR4 Far faster memory. If you also look at the comparison between the 6600U Vs. 6820Hq + 6820Hk, you will see some very major key differences. This will also impact the performance of the 6600u. Unfortunately, i could not add your current CPU into the comparison, since that model has around four quad-core options. If you go start, run, type dxdaig then press okay, it will tell you and just search the site and press add to comparison for your own reference. Comparison here:,88969,88192 Cores Cache Bus Speed PCIE Express configurations The CPU you really want is a i7-6820HQ, you can get a HK but HK is more of a niche market, HK is unlocked for overclocking. DDR3 Vs. DDR4
  2. If it works then really isn't much point in buying a new one, lets look at it from another point view. HDD HDD can be replaced with an SSD, would need to check if your system is using sata II or Sata III. Sata type is important, for the data transfer speed It’s almost impossible to say what your current system is using without the laptop model. If your laptop data connection to the drive is using a sata 2, really no point in buying a sata 3 drive – since on that machine you will not have any benefits of the faster transfer speed. However, let’s say in a years time the current system dies, you should be able to remove the SATA III drive and use it in a replacement machine as long as it has a sata bay. I think it's about 10-20% approx. cheaper for a sata II Now most systems are now starting to switch over to a far faster, NVMe based storage solution. SATA III SSD 2.5” prices for 256, 512, 1TB is around GBP price (I expect the pricing to be a similar value, in your local currency) 256GB = 125 GBP 512GB = 220 GBP 1 TB = 400 GBP What are the issues with SSD drives, If a SSD drive was to fail, you have pretty much under a 1% chance of bringing the lost data back. Since the SSD does not use any machinal parts, A SSD is a faster flash stick. Unlike HDD which use a platter and disk Which has far higher chances of data recovery. Ram RAM could be upgraded, if not integrated into the motherboard. (Depends on the manufacture + machine) Based on the intel technical document, you can support up to 32GB running at 1600 Mhz. Current system, would most likely be using two SODIMM sticks (2*4GB=8GB) A single 16gb sodium 1600Mhz stick is around 160 GBP. For two sticks which provides the 32GB @ 1600Mhz is £320 A single 8Gb sodimm stick is around 50 GBP. For two sticks which brings it upto 16GB @ 1600Mhz is going to be £100 Deicated GPU (New system) The proposed new system has a dedicated GPU, where as the current system does not (assumption made, not listed) Since I’m feeling lazy now, I can’t be bothered to type so enjoy this video. More detail about this is on the ADOBE link below Information links: Adobe Cuda/nvidia GPU Intel Tech document
  3. Supermoon Monday.

    Did anyone else notice the supermoon halo, when this was happening in the UK?
  4. HDMI TV as second laptop monitor?

    Yes. Yes, but you could have a lot lag. I.e. Smart TV + windows 10, will require an intel based wifi solution. Second point: the router used + how many machines are active on the network, will also be very important. More machines = more latency + router hardware. Also you would want to be on the 5GHz spectrum, it is a far faster spectrum. From experience, I would not recommend doing this, it's not bug free and can be very frustrating at times. It's still early days for this tech. No. TV's all use different panels, the same TV which you might buy lets say: Band A, demo unit is using panel created by Company B. However when you buy Brand X, the one they give you from the stock room is using panel from company C. All displays have different manufacturing process and type of display, Just buy yourself a nice high end display, black friday sales are soon Samsung, LG, Phillips etc i would stay away from, low colour screen and most only come with cymk. Great for your everyday viewer but terrible for this. High end Panasonic TV screen's come with something like 90% adobe RGB it becomes very annoying, if it's a UHD display upscaling won't always display the applications correctly for some reason on TV's. Done it tryed it Well i hope that helps, you make a decision.
  5. I really do wonder....

    What is the world coming too.... Let's say PETA wins What is the monkey going to spend the royalties on, bananas?
  6. Why don't you look at wireless external hard drives also known as NAS (network area storage) leave it connected to your router, upload and download from it. where ever you are in the world as long as you have the internet of course. I know seagate have been making very good secure consumer grade NAS drives (4TB around £100, i think 6TB is £180-190 from what i remember) I also know someother brands have been doing it. You could\bulid get a far more complex NAS system, ones where you keep upgrading drives to give more space etc but they aren't cheap. or you could buy a second hand desktop buy some larger hard drives install windows home server and your have your very own server with great upgradablity
  7. Image of The Beatles on vending machine

    Well If they didn't license it, i wouldn't want to be them. Their was a case recently where Michael Jordan (NBA star) Image was used on a steak menu or something (Giving people the Impression he was endorsing it)
  8. ƒ2 magazine

    Very Cool Can you send us a signed one
  9. Editing on the move

    I would recommend surface pro 3, It has great battery life: i get about (3 days without doing anything intensive). On full brightness, bridge and photoshop running i get around 5-10hrs. Also a screen calibrator for it (if you haven't already got one) It has a nasty slight yellow tint. If you can get the i7 model, i would highly advise of that. It has a far better CPU and video card compared to the i3 and i5. However, the i7 does have a heat issue; which can affect it. The screen becomes hot and the right hand side of it will stop working it just needs a cool down for 10mins. (Only happened to me a couple of time since i've owned it from day one)
  10. Self promotion part #164

    Very Awesome +1
  11. Photo sold before taking!

    Are you a wizard or a witch ?
  12. New Laptop spec help

    I think this explains, what you should be looking for: Truthfully, your budget is very low. However, if you look second hard it starts becoming possible. For your budget, i would recommend a desktop; truthfully you will get a better bang for buck as they say
  13. Well it looks like the uk could be getting some new and/or updated IP rules to counter the issue.
  14. Strategy for dealing with large numbers of shots

    I use one note pen to text function, Just write down the keywords or any words and it gets converted in to normal text. then copy them all over and paste But when i have 5,000 images the other previous months; i still have to do thinking about it makes me
  15. VGA or DVI