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  1. What is the world coming too.... Let's say PETA wins What is the monkey going to spend the royalties on, bananas?
  2. Why don't you look at wireless external hard drives also known as NAS (network area storage) leave it connected to your router, upload and download from it. where ever you are in the world as long as you have the internet of course. I know seagate have been making very good secure consumer grade NAS drives (4TB around £100, i think 6TB is £180-190 from what i remember) I also know someother brands have been doing it. You could\bulid get a far more complex NAS system, ones where you keep upgrading drives to give more space etc but they aren't cheap. or you could buy a second hand desktop buy some larger hard drives install windows home server and your have your very own server with great upgradablity
  3. Well If they didn't license it, i wouldn't want to be them. Their was a case recently where Michael Jordan (NBA star) Image was used on a steak menu or something (Giving people the Impression he was endorsing it) http://www.nba.com/2015/news/08/22/michael-jordan-wins-lawsuit.ap/
  4. Very Cool Can you send us a signed one
  5. I would recommend surface pro 3, It has great battery life: i get about (3 days without doing anything intensive). On full brightness, bridge and photoshop running i get around 5-10hrs. Also a screen calibrator for it (if you haven't already got one) It has a nasty slight yellow tint. If you can get the i7 model, i would highly advise of that. It has a far better CPU and video card compared to the i3 and i5. However, the i7 does have a heat issue; which can affect it. The screen becomes hot and the right hand side of it will stop working it just needs a cool down for 10mins. (Only happened to me a couple of time since i've owned it from day one)
  6. I think this explains, what you should be looking for: http://www.nvidia.com/object/best-cad-components.html Truthfully, your budget is very low. However, if you look second hard it starts becoming possible. For your budget, i would recommend a desktop; truthfully you will get a better bang for buck as they say
  7. Well it looks like the uk could be getting some new and/or updated IP rules to counter the issue. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33578180
  8. I use one note pen to text function, Just write down the keywords or any words and it gets converted in to normal text. then copy them all over and paste But when i have 5,000 images the other previous months; i still have to do thinking about it makes me
  9. Don't forget standardizing the amount of toppings a pizza could have is very very important as well, if not slightly more important
  10. Their is no national UK, no legit purchasable copyright service; like the U.S.A. Have you checked gov.uk out? All the so called UK companies, who sell you copyright "protection" are just jokes. They just charge an admin fee per image or whatever: They give no benefits, which you can already do for free. https://www.gov.uk/copyright https://www.gov.uk/intellectual-property/copyright
  11. So i would have to have an Iphone 5 minimum, i'm guessing they are around £100 second hand then another £499 that's £599. Anyone remember one of the sony QX phone lens thing? which you can attach to any-phone as long as it i had NFC or somwthing, the lens is the same as RX100 so they clamed. i could get some good lenses for about the same price, don't get me wrong it's a great idea, i would like to see some third party reviews, but i would rather buy a new lens for that amount honestly.
  12. Do we get a cut of the profits? Kind of reminds me of: one of those aliens from alien vs predator films
  13. No issues withe the a99;- infact it passes QC, faster than my a77 did.
  14. Well you could always add some face paint to them, in photoshop. Maybe, turn them into a evil clown, a grumpy unicorn or a little pussycat Worse case, they take you to the tower of london. If it's on public land its good (pending country restrictions and private land e.g. installations, bases, HQ etc) If you're unsure, just ask for a ranking official and i'm sure he/she will give the permission;- becareful of anti-terrorism laws, military articles/directives etc.
  15. Alamy just twitted this out, http://www.thephoblographer.com/2015/05/28/in-remembrance-10-quotes-by-photographer-mary-ellen-mark/#.VWiQNM9Vikr Nice one Alamy
  16. It is a bank holiday in the uk, so i assume they won't be
  17. apparently, based on this email; it belongs to them (Photoshot Holdings Ltd) Scary, very Scary. Time to find me that tinfoil hat, again. The Copyright belongs to the photographer and the photoshot contract (as it is right now) is non-exclusive. Ahhh i read it the otherway around
  18. apparently, based on this email; it belongs to them (Photoshot Holdings Ltd) Scary, very Scary. Time to find me that tinfoil hat, again.
  19. G: Is your back up drive? I/O error you're seeing is the drive is broken aka on its death bed. (it's a good sign your pc is still showing the drive location) that means the power board isn't dead YET. you should be able to recover most files at this stage (tell me it's not a 2.5"/portable western digital drive) Try another port,. Just confirm, you have checked all cables and leads, made sure they are all plugged in and not lose. (If yes ignore this) do you know what type of drive it is e.g. sata or ide? if its enclosed your going to need to break it open and void any warranty you might have left. Do you have any recovery software e.g. recover my files, or something else? How much time\money do you want to spend trying to recover them it can become alot. (you're going to need to get ide\sata cradle for it appx $30 and something like recover my files appx $70 and spend many hours doing it without any other costs which could happen) or you could send it off to some specialist company, and they can do it. It's not impossible to do this, i've done this many times.
  20. Oh dear, i thought this issue stopped. I think i'm going to wait this out, then upload my next batch soon.
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