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Alamy Upload Flash Security

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Not that message, as I haven't uploaded for a couple of weeks, but I did get a very recent invitation to upgrade my Flash from Adobe a couple of days ago. Until I yielded I couldn't take a better look at the thumbnails in my zoomed images page. A little box popped up with "blocked" message. After upgrading, It needed a restart before things worked again.


The upgrade invitation mentioned security yet again. There seem to be Flash upgrades almost on a monthly basis. Tiresome but we have to go along or find things stop working. There is an option to just let Adobe upgrade automatically, but I'm too wary for that.

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I cannot replicate that blocking in my Firefox 39 with Flash (both current).

Setting Flash to click to play is probably possible:

Make sure you have Flash Player version

Instruction here.




edit: spacecadet is right about version .209 being current.

get it here: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html

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