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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs JUNE 2013

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Mail Online 3rd

ANCK6R - david pearson A street scene in Chennai South India
BCRTPK - colin bain New Scotland Yard Sign
C6HW32 - Dave Bagnall Shrewsbury Crown Court Shropshire England Uk
B24D7J - Valentyn Volkov rosemary
BJDC8D - Raul Taborda perfect steak or beef grilled to perfection, thick and flavorful meat cut, isolated
C5N36H - Helen Sessions Dictionary
BRAYY8 - allesalltag Woman having dental treatment
BCDAWP - Alex Segre Police posing for an official group photo London England UK
AR7G71 - acestock £10 Cash Children Happy [pocket money] Pounds UK

D87WPY - ICP J D Wetherspoon pub chain logo
CY457G - Guy Viner Coloured X-ray of a woman leg wearing Stiletto High-Heeled Shoe
A57WRT - Michael Juno The new Crown Court building at Ipswich Suffolk UK
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ADAC Motorwelt 2013



p55 -  AAFJM5 - carmen sedano - Cadiz carnival
p58 - AYDBBM - Porky Pies Photography - Magellan Straits

none in Jan Mar Apr May



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Nature May 16 2013


p 298 - CWXMJT -  Matthijs Kuijpers - mice
p 306 - B8A8Y3 - Carolyn Jenkins - Galapagos rat (BH52F4 from Photoshot is  identical)
p 320 - D0HDP7 - Ros Drinkwater -  Red Mullet




edit: May 16th

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Harrods Magazine June/July 2013


p 100 - B2N56E - Bluered/CuboImages srl - valtellina valley
p 100 - CP6DXT - DEA / G. SOSIO / Universal Images Group / DeAgostini - Bresaola



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Butcher carving beef joint into steaks  C57E19 Monty Rakusen


Cattle grazing in a field near Exmoor National Park border, Devon, England, UK  BFBC0J  Derek Stone


Tractor ploughing cannot find article-2335424-0DCBD00900000578-502_634


roast beef joint   BDCGF6  numb




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Not surprising that you couldn't find the tractor shot, this is how it is described!


AAFJ0Y - Ton Koene Farmers apply manure to the land
Looks like it is ploughing field to me. Lost in translation I suspect,
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Not surprising that you couldn't find the tractor shot, this is how it is described!


AAFJ0Y - Ton Koene Farmers apply manure to the land
Looks like it is ploughing field to me. Lost in translation I suspect,


Cheers Bryan. 

The keywords are a variation from what I would have used but they still got the photographer a sale.

It makes you wonder what the picture buyer searched!




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04/06/2013, UK, Guardian, p37, The Rolls Building, CW23RF, Jeffrey Blackler [Alamy credit only]
04/06/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, Acai berries, BAP1PF, funkyfood London - Paul Williams [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/06/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, baked beans, AKDYBW, Steve Cavalier [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/06/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, pineapple rings, AYJKD7, © Dorling Kindersley [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/06/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, man taking pill, B8TJCD, Richard Wareham Fotografie [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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Not surprising that you couldn't find the tractor shot, this is how it is described!


AAFJ0Y - Ton Koene Farmers apply manure to the land
Looks like it is ploughing field to me. Lost in translation I suspect,

Probably a batch with all the same keywords. The tractor in front is of course plowing, ploughing, under the manure that is spread by the tractor in the background.



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Chromorange  B3ETW9 -  Rights Managed - credit to Alamy
Amanda Cotton  B9Y7KA -  Rights Managed - credit to Alamy
Chromorange B3ER6F -  Rights Managed - credit to Alamy
Stephen Frink D0DMDG -  Rights Managed - not credited so could be via Corbis
Amanda Cotton  B9Y8HF -  Rights Managed - credit to Alamy
Chris A Crumley AF0RHD -  Rights Managed - credit to Alamy


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The Telegraph


Perth, Australia
BGM7MN, Doves over rural road, Amana Images Inc
BE394P, Court of contemplation external flame, Michelle Chaplow
AX8BXK, Black swan at Swan River, Perth, Suzanne Long
Can't find, Federation walkway, Perth

A2MR2B, Kangaroo kebabs, Slick Shoots

A53J48, nightlife, WorldFoto

Can't find, shopping

A8XKMB, Aquarium, Perth, Dattatreya


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Huffington Post - US Edition June 3, 2013

Turns Out, Women ... slide show
BK7NTT, Catchlight Visual Services, Frans Verpoorten - Rights Managed Sexual problems, couple tension in bed
AKRBBT, IE133/Image Source Plus - Royalty Free Newlyweds cutting wedding cake
Mistakes slide show
C4X349, Yuri Arcurs - Royalty Free Portrait of a man on a deck chair by the beach
C03P2N, Anyka - Royalty Free Woman's hand removing callus from feet using pumice stone
B2PT43, neal and molly jansen - Royalty Free Distracted
What Is Mommy Homework? slide show
AJ409N, Graham Smith - Royalty Free Oil paint tubes in an art supplies shop, Graz, Austria.
AGYT4X, UpperCut Images - Royalty Free Woman driving teenage daughter
AT0W6T, ilian photo - Royalty Free art attribute paint oil paints multicolor colour
AWY4Y1, Radius Images - Royalty Free Girl Dressed as Flower
C4J2J5, PaulPaladin - Royalty Free many heap of dollars, money background
AXYRE2, mylife photos - Royalty Free mom on phone

Huffington Post - US Edition June 4, 2013

Studies About Kids And Technology slide show
A0XEWH, Norbert Michalke/ imagebroker - Rights Managed child watching a video
A0NHAF, Alex Segre - Rights Managed Small boy playing violent 18 certificate rated computer game Grand Theft Auto on Son
Cannot find - Small children using laptop on lawn
C1W6AP, Pixellover RM 4 or Pixellover RM 5(same image) - Rights Managed A modern family lounging in the living room showing a woman checking
CRWDE3, wonderlandstock - Royalty Free Father and adopted ten year old son watch a funny video on an Ipad at home.
CW5JA2, RayArt Graphics - Royalty Free Young girl plays on mobile phone at home
A4JRK3, Chad Ehlers - Rights Managed Three boys on floor using home television to play video games
CB633E, David Bagnall - Rights Managed Toddler watching television Uk
D2D8NP, Vladimir Godnik/fStop - Royalty Free Baby looking at digital tablet on bed
D0XTR4, Sverre Haugland/Image Source - Royalty Free Teenage girls using smartphones
AR6W17, acestock/ACE STOCK LIMITED - Rights Managed Boy Home Internet Laptop Net Online Surf Teenage
AX0ECY, Ulrich Niehoff/imagebroker - Rights Managed Teenager playing PC game on the computer
CBE9N5, David Grossman - Rights Managed Young people on 34th Street in New York City
Feminist Colleges slide show
CXTW9P, Earth Photography - Rights Managed Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA
A7J3K6, Bjanka Kadic - Rights Managed House with ivy on Smith College Campus in Northampton in Massachusetts USA

Top 10 Hipster Neighborhoods
C1CXW5, Cal Vornberger -  Royalty Free     Abandoned chest of drawers sits next to a graffiti covered building in Williamsburg, Brook
BX77YF, Michele Falzone  -  Royalty Free     Usa, California, San Francisco, Missions District, Murals

Huffington Post - Canada Edition June 4, 2013

Shocking Ways You Waste Water Every Day slide show
B3B9TB, fc1/picturesbyrob - Royalty Free tight blue jeans denim bum ass arse hands in pocket woman wearing clothes clothing ma
AE3J2G, Buzzshotz - Royalty Free 3 Caucasian females (16, 12, and 11) and Caucasian male (14) playing with a beach ball in
ATYWGR, Tom Merton/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Young girl indoors eating a hamburger
C4FAAP, David Bagnall - Royalty Free Fresh exotic fruit and vegetables on sale Munich Bavaria Germany Munchen Deutschland
CC859M, Lasse Kristensen - Royalty Free A dishwasher with lots of dishes and glasses
BDMFXB, Adam Gault/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Washing machine overflowing

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Alaska Airlines Magazine (June 2013)


Pg. 61    Niebrugge Images (CCA6YB), Maui Waterfall

Pg. 67    Peter Tsai Photography BGR67W), Hilo Farmers Market

Pg. 75    John Elk III  (CTW9EB), Taro Field, Hawaii

Pg. 85    Aurora Photos (BXD529), Young woman rides a bike, Seattle

Pg. 115  Edmund Lowe (CY9FG0), Port Townsend, Wooden Boat Festival

Pg. 115  David Buzzard (CXN44), Downtown Port Townsend

Pg. 129  Patrick Campbell (?), Portland Aerial Train

Pg. 129  Ian Dagnall (D0R7TM), McCall Waterfront

Pg. 150  Look Die Bildagentur Der Fotografen GMBH (?), Swayambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu

Pg. 153  Robert Preston (BR96BN), World Peace Pagoda

Pg. 153  Blaine Harrington III (D766J0), Market, Kathmandu


Horizon Edition

Pg. 100  David L. Moore (BE7BCA), Sign, Champoeg State Heritage Area





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05/06/2013, UK, Guardian, p13, man using laptop in Sarbucks, C11HRT, Jeff Gilbert [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
05/06/2013, UK, Guardian Gw, p9, woman using electronic cigarette, D75RWR, Garo / Phanie [Alamy credit only]

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5th June, Daily Telegraph.  p26 C441GT Greg Balfour Evans [credit to Alamy]

5th June, Daily Telegraph . pB3 BA9360 Golden Pixels LLC [credit to Alamy]

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Travel + Leisure - June 2013

Most Annoying Travel Fees
CX7GPY, David L. Moore - WA -  Rights Managed     Various rental car companies registration counter in the Seattle-Tacoma International A
AHYNBX, Juice Images119/Juice Images -  Royalty Free     Traveller placing airline ticket into automatic check-in machine in airport, close-up, mid-s
A9ARC1, 1Apix -  Rights Managed     boarding airplane boarding passengers
ARP27H, Chris Cheadle-  Rights Managed     USA, California, Highway on coast near Big Sur
America's Top Free Attractions
BD9J54, David Coleman -  Rights Managed     Main entrance hall of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washingto
CW1EY3, Wuu-  Rights Managed     The Freedom Trail, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Old State House
CC8K6F, Nikreates -  Rights Managed     Mass Circumflex, Menil Collection, Houston, Texas
D6XDJJ, Efrain Padro -  Rights Managed     Cable car, San Francisco Cable Car Museum, San Francisco, California
B2D88D, John James -  Rights Managed     A view of the famous Lawn Aviary at Birmingham Botanical Gardens ENgland UK
D5FABB, Terry Smith Images -  Rights Managed     Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, USA.
D2RX29, Jonathan Larsen/Diadem Images -  Rights Managed     The freighter Paul R. Tregurtha leaves Duluth, Minnesota and steams out to Lake Super
D4NG8N, Philip Scalia -  Rights Managed     European painting and sculpture collection, Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, USA
America's Best Stadium Food
A2J257, Andre Jenny -  Rights Managed     AJ22057, Milwaukee, WI, Wisconsin
A1AFFJ, WorldFoto -  Rights Managed     USA Washington Setting summer sun lights clouds above Safeco Field during Sea
America's Best Beer Cities
C88X39, David L. Moore - OR -  Rights Managed     Deschutes Brewery Public House, NW 11th Ave. , Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon,
C34JN6, Brian Jannsen -  Rights Managed     The AT&T building towers over the historic bars and honky-tonks along lower Broad
C146YE, Ellen Isaacs -  Rights Managed     Aerial view of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, with people drinking and walking by
America's Best Little Beach Towns
CBAGDA, Pat & Chuck Blackley  -  Rights Managed     Wild Ponies In the Dunes, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia, USA
A7A5TR, David Ball -  Rights Managed     Sunset Beach Oahu Hawaii USA
ARE11D, Jeff Greenberg "0 people images" -  Rights Managed     Alabama Gulf Coast Gulf Shores West Beach homes flock of pelicans
AGC6EF, Len Wilcox -  Rights Managed     Pismo Beach California bouganvillas
AA6PJA, John Elk III -  Rights Managed     Elk237 1789 California Monterey Pacific Grove coastal pedestrian and bicycle trail
A25D4C, Ethel Davies (miscredited to image state?)  -  Rights Managed     PERKINS COVE MAINE USA
A7A5JE,  Peter Horree  -  Rights Managed     Pensacola Beach Santa Rosa Florida United States
World's Most Beautiful City Parks
Cannot find - Stanley Park, Vancouver (credited to Megapress)
BR5FKW, jeremy sutton-hibbert -  Rights Managed     Namba Parks, on top of the shopping complex in Namba district of Osaka, Japan
AGJFCG, Bill Grant -  Rights Managed     Jewel Box in Forest Park in St Louis, Missouri
BCJAYN, Marcelo Rudini -  Royalty Free     Ibirapuera park at Paulo city in Brazil.
AE9RHB, Matt Lim -  Rights Managed     Lumphini Park Bangkok Thailand
CEX8WX, wendy connett -  Rights Managed     El Castillo de Chapultepec, Chapultepec Castle, Chapultepec Park, Chapultepec, Me
BXPH7B, Nathan Allred -  Royalty Free     Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis Minnesota
AM55RE, David Noton Photography -  Rights Managed     spring bloom in Hyde Park London England UK NR
C2R2R2, Craig Dugan/Hedrich Blessing/Arcaid Images -  Rights Managed     Millenium park and Chicago skyline with dramatic clouds.
CXNE1M, Elio Lombardo -  Rights Managed     Villa Doria Pamphili, the Casino del Bel Respiro. Rome, Italy, Lazio, Europe
BJ9PDW, Stefan Rosengren -  Rights Managed     The temple of the Echo at the Haga park Stockholm Sweden
BCP029, Shang Junyi/TAO Images Limited -  Rights Managed     View of Qiongdao Island, Beihai Park, Beijing, China
BRWPR0, Bart Peereboom -  Rights Managed     Vondelpark Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CX872D, RM Ireland -  Rights Managed     phoenix park dublin deer fallow deer dama dama
Best Money-Saving Hotel Tips
CEMYFM, liv friis-larsen -  Royalty Free     breakfast
AJJ5CR, Peter Titmuss -  Rights Managed     Frequent Flyer Baggage Tag Luggage Identity Label

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Mail Online 5th


ADR6RG - Alistair Heap Silhouette of young woman looking through a window with blinds
B8D5KH - Matt Jones  Overhead view of Watford High Street
BERH43 - Picturebank  Chocolate cake "Just divorced"
CXM57J - Sergio Azenha  Elderly woman lying on her bed in an hospital ward
B26MCG - Tetra Images  Female doctor talking to patient
BN3G8E - Dominik Brenne  Euro sign and European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
CTGKW1 - Justin Kase Crown Court building with coat of arms
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05/06/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p19, Royal Festival Hall, B1X0BK, Travelshots [Alamy credit only]
05/06/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p19, Dulwich Picture Gallery, BM533C, Alex Segre [Alamy credit only]
05/06/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p19, Calyx fabric, A6XA34, V&A Images [Alamy credit only]

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