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  1. Quick story-After seeing a thread about the re-rank, I couldn't find my bhz image. So after doing other searches found none of my images returning. My restrictions before the recent change were set for preventing personal use and certain geographic areas that typically pay low. After the change it still appeared that personal use was restricted but nothing else. After some back and forth with Alamy, it turns out somehow all of my images were now restricted from the U.S. Since I had still seen occasional sales and zooms, I wasn't aware of this situation until I searched for my own images an
  2. 1. Ability to save presets (e.g. geographical restrictions). 2. Ability to select minimum sale price. 3. Intelligent keywording add in (a side box that suggests additional keywords based on what's already been typed and what clients most often use). I know this one is really a "wish" item.
  3. Travel.AARP.org Website Probably more, but browsing through a few locations found these- Jacksonville: http://travel.aarp.org/destinations/united-states/jacksonville/ Johnny Stockshooter - Cummer Museum Peter Titmuss - Kingsley Plantation Joe Vogan - Jax Beach Fishing Pier Ian Dagnall - Fort Clinch State Park Tony Arruza - Kayak Amelia Zion National Park http://travel.aarp.org/destinations/united-states/zion-national-park/ Ian Dagnall- Park Road Gary Crabbe - Hiker in Canyon There were also several images with only Alamy credit (e.g. Prague, Moab).
  4. ALASKA AIRLINES MAGAZINE (APRIL 2014) Julie Quarry, pg. 73, B664HE, Whale breach Ron Niebrugge, Pg. 143, AHJ0ED Balboa Park Colouria Media, Pg. 144, Kayak Tours, La Jolla JTB Media Creation, Pg. 146, Sea Port Village Loop Images, LTD, Pg. 155, Lac Bay Danita Delimont, Pg. 157, Caribbean Flamingos
  5. AAA Going Places Magazine (Mar/April 2014) Shrimp and Grits (B2JXME) Wallace Weeks St. Augustine Lighthouse (BWK5FF) Ian Dagnall Savannah (C1YW9F) Joe Vogan Whale Watching, New Brunswick All Canada Photos
  6. Alaska Airlines Magazine (Jan 2014) Pg. 131 Rafael Ben-Ari Parque del Buen Retiro Pg. 131 Nick Sinclair Rastro Street Market CYH56X Pg. 133 Nacroba Metro de Madrid sign D3H4Y7 Pg. 133 The Print Collection - Picasso's Guernica Pg. 134 Nacroba - Cristiano Ronaldo
  7. Smithsonian Magazine (Jan 2014) Pg. 61 Malatesta Temple, Italy (D17R7C) Marc Chapeaux (credited to Tips Images/Sri a socio unico/Alamy)
  8. Alaska Airlines Magazine (Dec 2013) Pg. 135 Benedicto Desros C3P2WN - Soumaya Museum Pg. 139 Richard Cummins BD37PB - Mazatlan Pottery Pg. 139 Age Fotostock - BXFMX2 Mazatlan Beach Pg. 147 Maurice Joseph BKAAY7 - Manzanillo Sailfish Pg. 167 Fred Mack Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car Pg. 192 Zuma Press, Inc. Nutcracker Dancers
  9. Alaska Airlines Magazine (November 2013) Pg. 63 Aurora Photos BR4AR8 Strawberry Park Hot Springs Pg. 127 Ruth Grimes BM9582 Pg. 149 Ian Dagnall Mall of America Pg. 151 Steve Skjold Youth Hockey Pg. 155 Blend Images Volunteers Pg. 163 Blaine Harrington III Sydney Opera House Pg. 165 Marc Anderson DB1EMP
  10. Alaska Airlines Magazine (October 2013) Pg. 117 Alaska Stock.com B7R01C Pg. 117 Accent Alaska.com BGHAX7 Pg. 117 Imagebroker - BECBMW Pg. 119 Purestock - CW42CY Pg. 119 Blaine Harrington III - D71J6C Pg. 153 The Art Gallery Collection - A9JPJ6
  11. Alaska Airlines Magazine (October 2013) Pg. 47 Sergio Boccardo - DCHDBF Pg. 51 Ian Shaw - CRY378, D6XG29 Pg. 53 Gabbro - C7P4KN Pg. 62 Ambient Images - CB7C3N Pg. 67 Jit Lim - CYENTF Pg. 107 Alaska Stock - CTR5AM
  12. Alaska Airlines Magazine (September 2013) Pg. 59 Mexico (Alamy credit only) A857MH Pg. 121 Las Vegas (Shay Velich) DAHN3K
  13. Alaska Airlines Magazine (Horizon Edition) Pg. 3, All Canada Photos - Hummingbird Pg. 25 Rich Iwaski - Kite Festival in Oregon (BEMC14) Pg. 27 Danita Delimont - Portland Oregon Pg. 27 Craig Lovell - Rose Test Garden Pg. 34 David Young-Wolff - Newberry Crater (AM13HA) Pg. 46 Larry Geddis - Eugene, Oregon (CTFDN6) Pg. 49 Danita Delimont - Sea Lion Caves Pg. 50 Papilio - Hummingbird (C81N57) Pg. 50 Robin Loznak/Zuma Press - Hummingbird Pg. 63 John Marshall/Agstock Images - Wenatchee River Valley (AP1BN2)
  14. Alaska Airlines Magazine (July 2013) Pep Roig Saxman Totem Park, Alaska , Pg. 47 (??) Ashley Cooper - Sealskin Mukluks Pg. 49 (AAN549) David Ball - Replica Ship, Jamestown Pg. 119 (A79FRN) Ian Dagnall - Colonial Williamsburg Pg. 119 (BF405A) North Wind Picture Archive - Yorktown Reenactment, Pg. 121 (A0A9CM) National Geographic Image Collection - Powhatan Indian Village, Pg. 121 (CFH2HW)
  15. Geographic Expeditions Travel Catalog BL Images, LTD Blue Men, Sahara Desert pg 1. (BTRAWY) Hugh Sitton Woman Lighting Candles, Sri Lanka Pg. 27 (? Not Found) Keren Su/China Span Miao Girl, China Pg. 41 (AYEE0C) Steve Bloom Images, Hippo, Pg. 67 (? Not Found)
  16. Alaska Airlines Magazine (June 2013) Pg. 61 Niebrugge Images (CCA6YB), Maui Waterfall Pg. 67 Peter Tsai Photography BGR67W), Hilo Farmers Market Pg. 75 John Elk III (CTW9EB), Taro Field, Hawaii Pg. 85 Aurora Photos (BXD529), Young woman rides a bike, Seattle Pg. 115 Edmund Lowe (CY9FG0), Port Townsend, Wooden Boat Festival Pg. 115 David Buzzard (CXN44), Downtown Port Townsend Pg. 129 Patrick Campbell (?), Portland Aerial Train Pg. 129 Ian Dagnall (D0R7TM), McCall Waterfront Pg. 150 Look Die Bildagentur Der Fotografen GMBH (?), Swayambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu Pg.
  17. I had a similar license show up a month ago and e-mailed member services who just sent me a reply today. Here's the response- I wish there was a restriction option for RM based on dollar amounts of license. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Placement: Single Placement Image Size: up to full area Start: 01 March 2013 End: 01 March 2016 "Rights granted are as per the License Agreement, which supercedes rights granted on invoice: WW 10 yrs, Multiple Placement"
  18. Alaska Airlines Magazine (May/June 2013) http://www.alaskaairlinesmagazine.com/ Pg. 160 Anne Gilbert/Alamy Village of Stad Pg. 161 InCameraStock/Alamy Copper Kettle Tearoom, Burford Pg. 191 D. Hurst/Alamy Disneyland
  19. Smithsonian Magazine (April 2013) - image cropped, pg. 64 Reiger Bertrand/hemis.fr/Alamy

    Manage Images

    It would be nice to be able to save restriction templates so I could quickly apply to future batches. Another idea would be check boxes instead of drop downs that have to be repeated for each region being restricted.
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