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What Is and Is Not a Similar?

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I see a similar as basically the same image but only slight variations, such as one portrait and one landscape. 


I have a bunch of shots of a golden retriever in the water with a tennis ball. Each is lightly different than the other and would fall under different search terms. Although on first glance they might seem the same. Although appearing similar the dog is actually doing something different in each shot.



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Good question Edo, I see similars as those taken of the same subject on the same day from slightly different angles/distances. Those I try to avoid, other than portrait/landscape. 


Different days with very different conditions, not so similar. Gloomy days for gloomy stories perhaps, but generally greatly outsold by sunny views. Snow with bright sun tops the lot in my experience, but it depends on the subject/market I guess.


With and without people also not so similar - different markets.

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