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Image search changes

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I'm seeing more and more direct links to Alamy images using Tineye, but they are not showing up in Google Image Search.


Generally it appears that Google IS is not being kept up to date with UK newspapers. I can find some of my 2014 image sales using Tineye, but Google is only seeing older usage. Maybe there are levers to be pulled to shake Google into life, if so I would be glad to learn.

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I have had the same experience as Mark - that Google would find a lot more, so haven't used Tineye for a while.


I also used to be able to find my video clips edited and used in video productions on the internet using Google Image, which was quite amazing and it is quite difficult to find your clips in any other way. However, lately Google Image seems to be much less effective in my opinion - it doesn't find the clips / images it used to.

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I just put my My Name/Alamy into Google and got this... I think it is part of Alamy's new changes. Very nice.



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    Edit: It doesn't take me to my HomePage and a search from there is not a search within my portfolio. That's a shame.



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Alamy has no control over Google searches.  Google searches are based on your historical use of Google.  That's why you're getting differing results.




Google has recently changed it's algorithm to prevent piracy....which is why you are seeing changes




I use two computers to perform searches through Google - one computer connects to the internet via a proxy server in Calgary, Canada and the second computer connects via a server based in the U.S. I get differing results from each search.


We aren't all going to see the same thing when we search for stuff on Google :)

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