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August Challenge - Bridges


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Wide-angle aerial view of the Thames showing several Bridges including, London, Southwalk, Millenium and Blackfriars.







Night time, low angle-of view, image of the Zubizuri bridge across the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain.







Medieval Bridge at Eltham Palace,

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Hi - Bit of a newbie question... can you link to a picture before it has gone "on sale"? Although I am in awe of some of the pictures posted so far.


Yes you can, if you go via the old version of 'My images'.  However the URL might be different once it's gone on sale so it might disappear.

This one isn't on sale yet and is linked through 'My Images' (not for the challenge, I've already entered my three).  I'll keyword it today and see what happens after the update tomorrow.





Great, thanks. As I'm new here I didn't even know there was an old version of 'My Images' but now see the link.



Well, it's gone to 'on sale' now and still showing up in this thread so I guess the answer to your original question is -  yes.

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In Norway, the land of fjords and mountains, bridges are, of course, numerous.




Imposing like the modern Lysefjorden bridge,




ordinary like many concrete road bridges in extraordinary landscapes or




just a basic way to get across an icy cold stream.



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