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Found 27 results

  1. Here we go, first time I get to pick a topic after shamefully taking advantage of people's misery with the photo of chernobyl gas masks in Colin's heartbreak-induced September challenge. But now for something completely different! I went for a colour theme again - autumnal and underrated, cheerful with a potential for gloomy: ORANGE Looking forward to what you make of the topic - with anything from autumn forests to pumpkins, sunrises to sunsets, tangerines to tigers, the orange menace to Jason Orange, from Orange County to Orange, France... As usual, entries (up to three) will be accepted until the last day of the month, then I'll pick the shortlist for the public vote. Post away!
  2. Hard work this challenge setting, picking a theme that hadn't already been covered but not so prescriptive as to cut down on possible entries. In the end I've decided on Fire, Water, Earth and Air, the four elements of antiquity. What I'm looking for are images that ccombine two or more of those elements together. The interpretation doesn't have to be literal. Fire could be actual fire - or merely a fiery colour. Water can be any liquid. Earth represents any solid, and Air can include skies, vapour, mists and rainbows. The important thing is to submit images that have at least two of the elements as dominat parts of the composition. I don't have that many examples in my own portfolio but I'll try and illustrate what I mean with a few images. For example, it could be a straight landscape which combines water, sky and solid earth such as this shot of the cliffs at Seaton in Devon. It could be the fiery colours of Autumn reflected in water: It could involve people, as with this shot of a local craftsman smelting silver (earth) using a bellows (air) and fire (his furnace). It could also be a symbolic representation of the elements such as these Newlyn copper plaques on the wall of the Passmore Edwards gallery in Penzance, Cornwall which represent, from left to right, Earth, air, water and fire. Your submissions will, I'm sure, be far better. Usual rules apply. Up to three submissions per contributor, all images have to be for sale on Alamy. I'll let the challenge run till Friday 31 July when I'll pick the finalists. Have fun.
  3. Pleas cast your vote for the January 2019 Challenge - Happy New DRWMFB - MariaJ - Happy traditional Chinese New Year in Vancouver J03C99 - Sally - Happy stepgrandson jumping on the beach with new carbon Turbo Brace G17X5H - TeeCee - Happy baby Lar Gibbon wrapped in fake fur to keep him warm FN9XPB - NYCat - Happy Grizzly Bear Spring Cub in Lake Clark National Park R38PW5 - gvallee - Happy endangered Mareeba Unadorned Rock Wallaby joey in his/her mother's pouch P9429T - orest - Happy new Eranthis Winter Aconite flower in early spring sunlight A536DR - Michael Ventura - Happy boy with his happy baby goat E7JNK3 - LarsMadsen - Happy new entomologist girl holding a Green Rose Chafer Many thanks to everybody who competed, great quality! My shortlist here. Voting ends at midnight on February 5th. Midnight = Alamy time = the time set on the poll form. No idea which time that is. My system time? Greenwich Mean? Probably GMT. wim
  4. Happy New Year everyone! Alan, thanks for a good challenging challenge! And thanks for voting everybody, not just for mine. This month's challenge is Happy New! It should be easy. But it's not just Happy New Year. It's about Happy New anything. Happy new puppy; happy new baby; happy with new girl/boy friend; happy with new house; teeth; hair; shoes; car; bicycle. And yes: happy new year too. Don't think just about people interacting with stuff; stuff and plants can scream Happy New as well. Washing powder / laundry detergent boxes maybe not so much. However...we can learn a great deal from those designs: they know how to shout to us look totally new now even more new than before! The usual rules apply: 3 per person; must be on Alamy; closes midnight GMT on Wednesday 30 January. Have fun! wim
  5. First, I want to thank you very much for participating to this challenge. A lot of great images again this month and of course, again, a very tough choice to make… I am sure many of you will be disappointed not to be listed in the final set and I feel sorry about that. Here are the eight finalists for the WORM'S EYE VIEW challenge (voting closes Saturday 4th June @ midnight - UK time): 1- Arterra - Flowerbed with red tulips and Japanese cherry tree 2- Colin Woods - Dandenong Forest in australia 3- Abiyoyo - Bilbao 4- Michael Ventura - Garden park in Montreal, Canada 5- LarsMadsen - Pumpkin Lantern 6- Doc - Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona 7- IanGibson - Cadiz cathedral 8- Vpics - City Hall, London
  6. It seems like we need a tie-break between Paulette and Bill for the last challenge. Voting ends at midnight on June 10th (UK time). Please vote for your preferred image between these two: NYCat - Mama Grizzly and her Spring Cubs walking across the tidal flats of the Cook Inlet, Alaska Bill Brooks - Moraine Lake Banff Alberta Canada
  7. Hello everyone! First, I want to thank you all who participated to this contest. It has not been easy to choose the finalists but here is my selection. Voting ends at midnight on June 7th (UK time). Colin Woods - Fresh snow in Gaspesie NP, Quebec NYCat - Mama Grizzly and her Spring Cubs walking across the tidal flats of the Cook Inlet, Alaska gvallee - Lençóis Maranhenses National Park - Brazil wiskerke - Fiordland National Park Bill Brooks - Moraine Lake Banff Alberta Canada LarsMadsen - Sea stacks at Byrum in Sweden
  8. First, I wish to thank Colin for the last challenge! This month, I would like to see pictures of our beautiful national parks landscapes. But only "pure nature" images, meaning by that no human interaction visible in the images (no human, human construction, signpost, road, vehicle or anything like that). Only footprints accepted . Each member may submit up to 3 pictures, the images must be available on Alamy. The challenge will end on 30th June @ midnight (Paris time). Below 3 examples. Denali national park - Alaska (USA) Ecrins national park (France) Koh Phi Phi national park (Thailand)
  9. April 2018 Challenge: In or On the Water Water was a big component of my image from last month so it's my inspiration for this month's challenge. Your images must be taken of something or someone on the water. More specifically: It must be taken outdoors, on open natural water (e.g., lakes, ocean, rivers, not a swimming pool), and must be taken of something with people and/or animals in the water. Not of inanimate objects without people or animals. The photographer can be on the shoreline, but not the subject. Up to 3 images, must be on Alamy. Deadline midnight April 30, 2018, PST. Some examples: Have fun! Maria
  10. The March 2018 poll ended with the grey squirrels by ColdCoffee and the toy monkeys by Steve Hyde in first place with each 25% and a very close third at 23.08% for the thirsty cat by MariaJ. So here's a short poll to decide this over the weekend. Again it will close automatically, now on Sunday at midnight, London time. Sorry for the ones who lost to cuteness: there were some really good stock images there. Anyways here again are the cat; the squirrels and the monkeys: KD1X2P - MariaJ - Cat drinking water from the tap. ETKN6N - ColdCoffee - A pair of Eastern grey squirrels on a deck rail. KGWKX0 - Steve Hyde - Two toy monkeys with their arms around each other. wim
  11. Remember voting ends one day earlier than normal. So only 24 hours left to vote for the March Challenge. Monkeys; cats; squirrels; books; flames; Christmas gifts all in or around the house. I wonder if people are voting for cuteness or stockness ? ;-) wim
  12. Thank you everybody who participated! It was extremely difficult. Everybody says so, but it really was. For people who want to see the whole challenge again: it's here. M68MM1 - British Gent - Happy girl in the snow on St David's Day. KD1X2P - MariaJ - Cat drinking water from the tap. ETKN6N - ColdCoffee - A pair of Eastern grey squirrels on a deck rail. D91YDM - LSP - Basil plants growing in a crate in the backyard. C2FMW1 - Marianne - Pile of books in a hammock in the garden. HNABJT - Matt Ashmore - A blue flame from a gas burner on a gas cooker. M68Y75 - dlmphotog - Wrapped and decorated presents on Christmas morning, USA. KGWKX0 - Steve Hyde - Two toy monkeys with their arms around each other. Voting term is 1 day shorter than usual: Poll closes automatically (I hope) on Friday April 6th at midnight London time. wim
  13. The March 2018 Challenge: A photo that was taken without leaving your house or garden. No studio images: that would be cheating. ( I have one too.) However an improvised one with a desk lamp on the kitchen table, or near a window is fine. And while you're at it, why not include an image of the set-up? Gardens are fine too, but just a portrait of a nice flower from one of you garden and flower specialists can also feel like cheating. Just like the in-house studio. For people who cannot think of photographing anything inside their house: you'll be restricted to a single room. Not an original idea: it's from ZAMM. - it works btw. 1-3 images each as usual. This challenge will end on Saturday March 31 at midnight, 24:00 London time. The winner will start the new topic. Have fun! wim
  14. ACYC5A Winter hillwalking in the Scottish mountains, Lynne A61X1H Husky sledding in Lapland - Finland, gvallee CTJ4JY Kinderdijk (near Rotterdam) in winter, wiskerke BJMA3E Snow apprehension, Martin P Wilson JGEPCB Skier in Bormio, Brasilnut DKN56T Love is everywhere, Mihai Popa M4XAD8, spotting bored wildlife, Dave Nelson H8NTK5 Mulled wine, vpics
  15. This month’s Challenge theme is “Winter Activities”. With a good load of snow this year in Europe, I want to see your best shots of professional / amateur sportsmen or kids and families taking part in all sorts of winter activities. Usual rules apply: 3 pictures per person from your Alamy portfolio. The Challenge will close at midnight on 28th February. A few samples:
  16. Thanks everyone who voted for my photograph in the Festivals challenge. For this challenge I'm choosing one of my favorite subjects, Street Art Please submit up to three images from your Alamy collection of art in the street or other outdoor areas. The contest will finish at midnight 31st July. EDIT: My concept is to show street art in public space and if photographers choose, to show how people and others interact with it, or how the work interacts with the space within it exists. Not so much to simply document someone else's work, or show art intended to hang on a wall that's been left out on the street. Here are some examples - Os Gemeos painting at the Houston Bowery Mural Olek crochets the Alamo French Artist JR installation "We Are All Immigrants"
  17. Thank you to everyone who voted for my photograph in the Transport challenge. The sunny days are here and for the June challenge I have chosen FESTIVALS as the theme. Music festivals, Food festivals, Art festivals all kinds of festivals. The atmosphere and people enjoying them. The only thing I would not like to see are close ups on musicians. Please submit up to three images from your Alamy collection. The contest will finish at midnight 30th Jun A few examples: Good luck.
  18. Thank you all for taking part! As usual you made it quite difficult: my lightbox holds 29 images. I have tried to balance images and meaning this time. It's a personal list of course, but there's something here for everybody: 01 - HKM299 - Rubens Alarcon - Walking on thin Ice 02 - H3A28G - GS-Images - One step at a time 03 - H5YY48 - Eden - Till the cows come home 04 - HYFXHA - Allan Bell - Cheap as chips 05 - HDXER2 - Spacecadet - A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... 06 - GKRG2W - Jill Morgan - Anything you can do, I can do better 07 - DJ3FA1 - Abiyoyo - This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces it to Surrender 08 - HGMA61 - pazmander - Trust in Allah, but keep your camel tied up (Arabian proverb) Voting will close on Friday May 5th, midnight, London time. Good luck! wim
  19. New challenge: Popular sayings, proverbs and maxims. One to three images that depict or illustrate a proverb. Or is proverbial. It does not have to be an English proverb. (Read on below about that.) Now I don't want to see a tile on the wall with a proverb on it. - Show don't tell. But I do look forward to images that depict things like: My home is my castle. No man is an island. Forewarned, forearmed. If you got it, flaunt it. Penny wise and pound foolish. Never too old to learn. Actions speak louder than words. Prevention is better than cure. (stich in time; mieux vaut prévenir) Some real American ones maybe? Monday morning quarterback. Herding cats. Wedlock is padlock. Life is a box of chocolates. (originally: a bowl of cherries) Too many square meals make too many round people. Are already considered proverbs? For me they are, but very difficult to illustrate. They may fall into a slightly different category like most famous person-isms: that of the anti-proverb. -More on that below. Please give the proverb with the image. And a short explanation or a link to one, when you think others (esp non-native speakers) may not understand it. If you have at least one real proverb, you are allowed an Anti-proverb or perverb. Like: A penny saved is a penny taxed Or: Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like a banana - Groucho Marx (Actually this sort of perverb has a name -no not Marxism: the garden path proverb.) Grass is greener.. FDXE26 by Andrew McInnes One would think that in the western world, most proverbs are readily understood by all. That may be the case when they're from the bible: the writing on the wall; biting the dust; fly in the ointment; Garden of Eden. https://sites.google.com/site/thebiblesaiditfirst/home But a lot of proverbs are pretty nationally or culturally defined. Chinese; Russian; Japanese or African are really different of course. From each other and from the UK and US English. But a stitch in time saves nine, in French is: mieux vaut prévenir que guérir. And what's the meaning of a parole est l'ombre du fait? And what are the English equivalents of these Dutch ones: Hit by the mill. (Gone mad or gaga.) That does not get any sods to the dike. (That's totally ineffective.) Eye on the sail. (Keep a watchful eye.) See what I mean about cultural? -Sorry could not think of one with tulips, but I do know a couple with cheese. ;-) Pieter Brueghel the Elder - Netherlandish Proverbs or The Topsy Turvy World - link 1 - link 2 The one with the eye on the sail can be seen in the upper right hand corner of this famous painting with at around 200 Dutch proverbs. Most of which are not readily understood by the Dutch today at all. So that's the theory out of the window that these sayings are used through the ages. Still we all know something proverbial when we see it. Which is also why this is interesting for stock. I don't think clients will go looking for specific proverbs. Not a whole lot anyway. If there's something proverbial about an image, it may get picked up earlier than the others. Proverbial is not iconic or archetypal per se, because it has more to do with meaning. So it is about concept. Actually, because we are using so many proverbial sayings on a day to day basis, it may be an easy way to get more concept into our images. Please take part! 師 傅 領 進 門, 修 行 在 個 人 The master/teacher leads you to the door. You will have to enter yourself. 1-3 images each as usual. This challenge will end on Sunday April 30 at midnight, 24:00 London time. The winner will start the new topic. You think you have no images? No ideas? Link 1 - link 2 - link 3 - link 4 Глаза боятся, а руки делают Wie niet waagt die niet wint. Nothing ventured nothing gained. You will never know until you try it. wim edit: there are at least 2 ways to post an image here: 1 - the easiest is to open the image in another tab or window and drag the image to the reply box at the bottom of the page. This works for windows and macs. However not all browsers seem to allow it. 2 - go to the image you want to include (preferably in a new tab or window); - right click on the image and choose copy image location; (in some browsers choose view image and copy the complete location from the address line of your browser); - go back to the reply box and click on the image icon that looks like a little polaroid; - an Image Properties box opens; - now paste that complete location on the URL line; - click OK and there it is.
  20. The quality of entries of this challenge was astounding. I had a really hard time selecting only 8, as I had double that number in my lightbox. So please don't feel left out if you're not on the list. My final choice is mainly based on a combination of composition and atmosphere. I'm thrilled to see such a great response. It's heart warming to see that people are still sensitive to nature. Voting ends Wednesday 7th, midnight London time Good luck! Johnnie5 - G0MY8N Colin Woods - C04NR9 Simon Evans - F080NK John Richmond - H7KAHH NYCat - DDTD72 MariaJ - DCC78G chrumu - H776AB MDM - C1DNH1
  21. Thanks again Colin for setting April's challenge ! This month, I would like to see your images taken from a "WORM'S EYE VIEW". Pictures taken from below, from a low angle. Could be for composition purposes, to accentuate perspective or to make the subject look taller, or mighty… whatever. Here are 3 examples: Urban / architecture Concert / people Nature… Now the rules: Maximum 3 images per contributor, as usual Images must be available on Alamy Challenge will end on May 31st at noon (12:00 London time) The winner will start the new topic. I hope you will enjoy this one and I am sure we will see a lot of great images again this month ! Olivier
  22. I have to say that it has been very hard to select only 8 images. I would have liked to be allowed to add a few more but, after all, that is me who defined the rules… D'OH! (facepalm). So, here are the 8 finalists for the October challenge "the decisive moment". Voting closes wednesday 4th November at midnight (UK time). I want to thank you all who participated. Congratulations to the finalists! ARTERRA - Eurasian Eagle owl (Bubo bubo) landing with wings spread on wooden signpost in meadow, England, UK FUNKYWORM - Rio de Janiero Brazil 13th July 2014 World Cup final 2014 Argentina vs Germany Mario Goetze scores the only goal of the game JILL MORGAN - Flyboarder doing a backflip PUNKMUFFIN - Border collie jumping a hurdle MARTIN P WILSON - Ian Andrews dramatically crashed out - UIM F2 World Championship Powerboats, Nottingham National Watersports Centre, Holme Pierrepont COLIN WOODS - A lady climber leaping a large crevasse on the traverse on Monte Rosa in Switzerland MICKFLY - Benidorm bullring, young man being lifted of his feet by the bull and losing a shoe as a horn pierces his trousers DOC - A young woman jumping into the air
  23. I'm happy to have the opportunity to give it a go with a monthly challenge topic. And thank you for that. After enjoying some celebrations with friends recently, I got thinking about what it means to be living or having the good life. And so that's what this month's challenge will be about. Looking forward to your interpretations! Topic: The Good Life Max entries per person: 3 Photos must be on alamy. Challenge closes on March 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PST Eight finalists to be chosen by me for voting. Have fun! Maria
  24. So. It has fallen on me to sort out the February challenge. There were some fabulous entries last month & I know it's a cliché but I was genuinely surprised my image did so well. Thank you to Bryan for stepping into the breach and doing the business. Anyhow, I'm going for a rather nebulous subject for this month's challenge but I'm sure we all have images that fall into this category - "I don't know why I like it but I do". This may be a disaster or it may work out OK. That's up to you lot! Rules: 3 images max per entrant 8 will be shortlisted by me at the end of the month Entries close at 23:59:59 GMT on February 28th Images needn't be on Alamy and whether they are or not won't influence my shortlist Vote with Greenies all you like - it won't influence my shortlist Off you go then my lovelies...
  25. Here we are, it's time to vote, I've selected ten images among others great photos you've posted, now the choice is up to you. Voting closes on Sunday, 7th September. The ten images are: wiskerke - U Bein's Bridge, Myanmar York Photographer - Humber Bridge ann - Barefoot Angel on Bridge Martin P Wilson - Shadow of Maria Pia Bridge Vincent Lowe - Kylesku, Sutherland Bryan - Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle Ace - Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon arterra - Petite Venise / Little Venice, Colmar, France Doc - Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy Sheila Smart - Misty Sydney Morning Cheers, Alessandro
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