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I've never tweeted in my life, but recently began following (if that's the correct expression) a couple of Lightroom-related twitter accounts. Thought it might be handy for tips and rumours of upcoming features, etc. Though forum posts are a decent way to announce things, from our point of view it's hard to beat the sheer speed and convenience of having twitter posts appear on your phone or iPad instantly without the need to fire up a laptop and log in. Push notifications I believe they are called. There, I've exhausted my knowledge.

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Posting to this forum or somewhere other than a social media site makes sense. There are a couple of similar services I subscribe to (Imagebrief and Photographer's Direct) that publish photo needs of buyers (often very unrealistic requests, like small budget, long list of custom sounding requirements.) Twitter might be ok for some requests, but has some major limitations most notably their character limits. Some of the requests I see are about a page long, for example travel magazine looking for photos of these (20 specific) restaurants each in different cities. 


More general advice like gaps in the library would be nice. As would unusually popular subjects that Alamy staff think might sell. Even a personal heads up from Alamy if there's something they know we usually cover or is in our geographic area. I'm sure Alamy's picture buyers and researchers must gain some insight about what's selling simply by going about their job. 


It just occurred to me that I have some old paperwork filed away of how things used to be done. For example I picked up a newsletter titled SPECS Fall/Winter 1994 (hey that's 20 years ago!) I think this was my dad's, I think he used to sell through Photo Researchers who published the flyer. It has a bunch of interesting stock photo business updates and 2.5 pages of small type four column stock photo wants. For example categories like Travel then broken down into subcategories. I guess given the age of this I won't be divulging any secrets, so here are a few small random snippets:


Want List 





Hand Samples of:






Virtual Reality -Games/research applications (this is a big seller)

Lasers - everyday use (supermarket bar-coding /measuring devices)




Local (street) powerlines/ transformers

Electricity Gas meters (hey I sold one of these on Alamy recently!)

Fuse boxes, breaker boxes (people working on them)

Nuclear power plants - towers, reactors

<snip> and so on.....


Obviously this is way outdated. But the idea still seems like a good one to me, and not one conducive to Twitter. In fact I'd think it might even be a good idea to keep this sort of info for members only. 

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