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Have you found any Alamy photographs May 2014

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Interesting one this, how does this play being used in an advertisement feature for a third party (in this case, Duracell)?
theguardian.com, Sunday 25 May 2014
Advertisement feature: The power of travel
CNEPRY by Stephen Frink / Stephen Frink Collection

Grrr - took me ages to find: can't believe that this image doesn't contain keywords diver, dive, diving or scuba (only in  the description)!

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Guardian Online, May 25

Migjorn beach, Formentera, DE8C4W, Gonzalo Azumendi (Alamy credit only)



Cycling on Formentera, A13P1D, Stephen Bardens (Alamy credit only)



A summer storm approaching Danby Beacon in the North York Moors National Park, CF511F, Mike Kipling (Alamy credit only)




Liverpool's Brazilica parade, crop of DAY7AP, Christopher Middleton (Alamy credit only)



Cala Comtessa beach, Mallorca, BPAY6T, Pep Roig (Alamy credit only)



The Euganean hills from Cinto Euganeo Veneto, Italy, A4A8TK, CuboImages srl/Alamy





Basketware souvenirs at Senegambia Craft Market, The Gambia, crop of A708H1, International Photobank (Alamy credit only)




Cabrera Island, David Tomlinson?? Simiar to...



Whoops!  Apologies, John, I see I have just double-posted on all the images you have already reported!  Another hour of my life gone! :rolleyes:

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theguardian.com, Sunday 25 May 2014


I feel terrible anger towards my mother


Stumped again!



it's in the exif: D7DBDY - Alliance - Back of businesswoman parting curtains, looking out window -


(Exif Viewer plug-in: http://araskin.webs.com/exif/exif.html - it's a great tool)
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Guardian Online, May 26
Nardini, Largs, Scotland, BMT8CY, Dave Pattison (Alamy credit only)


Morelli's, Broadstairs, C60ATH, Greg Balfour Evans/Alamy

The Ritz, Millport, DYJMRM, Douglas Carr (Alamy credit only)
A milkshake, BX42GN, Philip Dickson/Alamy
B1CACK, Chris Rout/Alamy
CNETJ8, Sergio Azenha/Alamy
Oak tree in field, Ranmore Common, Surrey, BMBGN7, Derek Croucher/Alamy
Egyptian goose, crop of BN0EWC, Peter D Noyce /Alamy
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Terraced houses in south London, where prices are too high for most young people.

Photograph by James Boardman/Alamy

The Observer  |  25 May 2014  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 47



Spoilt for choice: but making the right ethical decisions about their food purchases is increasingly difficult for shoppers.

Photograph by Niall McDiarmid/Alamy

The Observer  |  25 May 2014  |  UK  |  English | Page: 39

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EGYPTIAN GOOSE Introduced to Europe as an ornamental bird, this species now causes concern among farmers, who see it feeding on shoots, grains and crops. It has been put forward for a general licence in order ‘ to prevent serious agricultural damage or...
Photograph by Peter Noyce/Alamy
The Observer  |  18 May 2014  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 15


Guardian today and Observer last week - all to the good

Thanks for the spot

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