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  1. It's going to depend to an extent on the colour content of the scene. I believe cameras use some form of 'integration to grey' then neutralise that. So if your scene has a bias towards one colour the system is going to try to compensate - the temperature of the light falling on it becomes secondary. So grey card and set your balance either then or at the processing stage.
  2. AFAIK the swap takes place after QC. Reasonable as you could introduce artefacts during the reprocessing
  3. LR and PS presets are a very time efficient way of creating cyanotypes, instagram, variations etc for images that you think would be more commercial for such treatments. Make your standard user preset to get you close then tweak the individual image. This is a tweaked from a preset I have created in LR http://goo.gl/XMk8PR
  4. Pleased you resolved your problem but such issues come under the heading of 'fair warning'. You have to have a regular (daily, every few days, whatever suits your activity level) back up routine. Anything you haven't backed up you must consider to be work you're happy to lose. The old adage is if it doesn't exist in three places it doesn't exist. So that's your working drive, your backup drive of your working drive and your backup of your backup drive which really should be in a different building. So thank the gods of the dreaded seagate tick that all this caused is a few more worry
  5. Looking better now Wim so hopefully an improvement - ignoring the many near identical similars on P1
  6. I'd also be careful on onward supposition keywording as in EJT01X ... and then baking for a Christmas or roast dinner. KY- baking, british, christmas, christmas dinner, cookery, cooking, cuisine, english, food, glass bowl, herbs, mix, mixing, ready, roast, roast dinner, stirring, stuffing, uk, water,wooden spoon It's stuffing in a bowl, there is no sign of christmas, roast dinner, water. It may have herbs in it but I can't see them just as it's probably got breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, etc. I would even question stirring as I can see no action either by mechanical or human means. Those
  7. Autodownload can be got around but I'm not sure what they mean by 'Link to online content or download sent by manual e-mail' If you sell an image manually so to speak but deliver by dropbox it seems to be still covered.
  8. I'm guessing a few people on this forum have the likes of a photoshelter / photodeck account to also supply images worldwide including EU states by direct download. I'm also guessing that most of those will not be registered for VAT as being under the theashold. How many have seen the poorly publicised requirement that as of 1 Jan 2015 they will need to obtain a VAT number and charge VAT at the prevailing recipient rate for EU countries regardless of their turnover and as they have to keep records to also register under the Data Protection Act Details Here https://www.gov.uk/gover
  9. Yes but you have included the word Alamy in the google search. The point Wim was making was that the images don't show without including 'alamy' in the search - that is as though you were looking for an image NOT solely an Alamy image
  10. Phone Fixation or ACS for a quote...then compare. +1 New shutter on my 5d2 at Fixation was just under £300 Shutter problem showed Error 30 which you're not reporting so possibly not that
  11. I think the point is that if you zoom an image the other images shown are by that photographer with the same keywords that you searched. Positive addition as if you like the style of the photographer it will show other alternatives. All the photos that match your search criteria by all photographers are shown on the first search page.
  12. That's not what QC do. They are spot checking that you've checked everything submitted. The failure is when they find you haven't.
  13. Yes. My keywords are in the IPTC but I still have to do the ess and main.
  14. Disagree. Submit as many batches as you need to as and when you're ready. Just make sure you check every image - which you should be doing anyway
  15. I try to do a project at a time so that's normally between 30-100 but I have been known to upload 1. Not normally more than 150. For me it's about keeping the numbers manageable to get them processed after QC. Should also add that each upload will just be stacked so that a number of uploads will pass at the same time.
  16. This is best sorted direct with MS. They'll tell you if they have an arrangement.
  17. You could shoot shoe shops - Salisbury being the shoe shop capital of the western world. Are there any other shops in Salisbury? Or you could call in and see my mum for me. She's 100 and three quarters so don't party too late.
  18. I find the Loxley site a little strange but their service to me has always been good as has the quality. They have an online ordering system (ROES) hence the registration need I guess. Just checked a 10x8 is 1.60 + VAT so certainly not expensive.
  19. That's a minimum of 3 places. You can get a corruption during back up that will wreck both so you have the third that was not part of that process.
  20. Quick look at a few pages of your images shows that most of them couldn't be RF, all those at thruxton, anything that includes unreleased people, products or owned animals. You might also want to look at your captioning there seems to be a lack of detail. For example none of the bikes state the rider or even the make of bike.
  21. It's not really a photograph about edgewalking so if I was looking to illustrate this would this image fill the bill. I suspect not so for me I wouldn't include in the keywords
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