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Have you found any alamy images April 2014

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MMM The Motorhomer's Magazine - May


Front Cover


BAY9FD - Lavender in Drome Valley, France - Juergen Richter


Credit - LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH

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John, have you ever watched baseball live - it is at least as slow as cricket.  ;)  Cricket at least has the 20-20 format for those who need instant gratification. Baseball's main advantage is the whole match is over in about 4 hours when Test cricket can go on for 5 days; and still end in a (sometimes a tactically fascinating) draw.

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Mail Online 9th

CR80BA Kevin Britland Magistrates Court, Truro, Cornwall, UK
ADEC2B KATHY DEWITT A Big Issue seller South Bank London England UK
A79B56 janine wiedel Homeless man begging in Tottenham Court Road, London.
B7G16P SPARK62 Primary school teacher marking pupils homework study books at home in the evening
C3HBR5 lynchpics A flymo lawnmower sits in a UK garden.
B6B0XC Natrow Images Download preview image Add to lightbox Add to cart Contact Alamy HM Prison Winchester

A56MHT Creativ Studio Heinemann Typical german pasta with cheese and roasted onions on plate, close-up

B2KR3J Matt Lim  Street by Cha Am Beach

BE15CK John Peter  Stora Hamn Kanalen in the centre of the City of Gothenburg in Sweden

CXP1WC Juice Images198    Grandparents And Grandchildren Running Along Beach Together

AT178J  ian west  grandmother nanny older mother childminder playing with "Play Dough" with child son grandson twenty two months old

DRCPE0  chris warren  Packing suitcase on the bed for hand luggage on a flight

CMXH44 Barry Lewis  Busy check-in counters in departures lounge at heathrow airport

D7JK2Y Paul Cordwell  A spilt can of baked beans, spill the beans

BGJH3H   emergency Two viagra tablets - virility

A37NFJ  Peter Widmann Junge Frau isst einen Hamburger, woman eating hamburger

AWAN3C Pauline Cutler obese woman sitting eating junk food

CY1JM0  Tristan Ben Mahjoub Cheerful young woman eating vegetables

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Two hands passing a ziplock bag of "kanepikogus" (can't find photo)

Selline näeb välja müügivalmis pakitud kanepikogus. (Alamy)



That one's DHW981 by AJ PHOTO / BSIP




Thanks for finding that one!




9 APR 2014



Photographer  wonderlandstock





Photographer  Joe Belanger



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Hector Berlioz ”Trojanerna” framfördes helt enligt originalpartituret först 1969, drygt hundra år efter att den komponerades. Foto: Alamy

Dagens Nyheter  |  9 Apr 2014  |  Sweden  |  Swedish | Page: 48
Photographer GL Archive
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Julie Quarry, pg. 73, B664HE, Whale breach



Ron Niebrugge, Pg. 143, AHJ0ED Balboa Park



Colouria Media, Pg. 144, Kayak Tours, La Jolla

JTB Media Creation, Pg. 146, Sea Port Village

Loop Images, LTD, Pg. 155, Lac Bay

Danita Delimont, Pg. 157, Caribbean Flamingos

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Hela ensemblen kommer till Stockholm för att ta emot priset den 8 oktober i Stockholms konserthus. Orkestern uppträder under ledning av dirigenten Riccardo Muti, förre vinnaren av Birgit Nilsson-priset. Stockholms musikkändisar hade mött upp för att...Reporter Kommentar. kultur@dn.se
Foto: Suzanne Long/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  10 Apr 2014  |  Sweden  |  Swedish  | Page: 62
On a clear day... rapeseed in front of an oasthouse in Hawkinge, Kent, yesterday
Daily Express  |  10 Apr 2014  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 13
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Huffington Post Canada



These are from the slideshow:


34. Pregnant woman working - Steve Nagy Design Pics Inc.



20.  Pharmaceuticals - Carlos Davila



The third one is number 36 and is a canadian forest which I can't find.

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Times 10th


P10 DY7AD2 Cromer, UK. 8th April, 2014. As the new crab season gets underway crab fisherman John Jonas lands his catch of crabs at Cromer beach, Norfolk, East Anglia, UK. He set out at first light and travelled about a mile offshore to retrieve his crab pots in his boat Rory James which is one of fleet of 14 boats operating from the beach at Cromer. The boats are launched and retrieved from the beach using tractors and trailers. The catch so far this season has been good following the mild winter. Credit Julian Eales/Alamy Live News


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Guardian Online, April 10
DAR8RH, Feng Yu (Alamy credit only)

DGNDDG, Wavebreak Media ltd/Alamy
Mid-morning snack, DGK942, Krivko Iuliia (Alamy credit only)
AGG840, Mike Booth/Alamy
ARK2WA, Homer W Sykes (Alamy credit only)
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Guardian Online, April 10

Hull, BF4D90, steven gillis hd9 imaging (Alamy credit only)

D1B1F4, Libby Welch/Alamy
Brain as machine, BEWF3A, Ikon Images/Alamy
C2T2E6, Jeff Huang/Alamy
Crop of BDNATK, Aled Llywelyn/Alamy
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Mail Online 10th

CE7YG8 ICP Cracking EU flag - concept representing euro default / debt / break up of the European Union / Europe crisis concept
AX8NT2 Ingrid Firmhofer Boats in a bay and coastline with mountains, Taganga, Santa Marta, Colombia, South America
BEE320 Florian Kopp View over Bogotá, Colombia, South America
B5R7CX John Elk III Elk157 1873 Egypt Pyramids of Giza across desert

B507K1 foodfolio  BROWN RICE CUT OUT

BXPCAR  Francisco Martinez  Young blond woman with a cold sneezing and blowing her nose on a tissue

AAPD9Y  NorthLapse  reserach animal (sic)


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