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can our online images be used to develop AI engines?

Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg


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So Alamy does not accept AI generated images.


Clients however are searching for just that.

And luckily for some contributors (and clients) 5064 images show up for the search AI generated images.


The rolling year:


ai generated     30    
ai art     15    
ai generated image     8    
ai generated images     6    
ai images     5    
ai generated art     5    
ai face     4
ai deepfake     4    
AI image     3    
ai generated content     3    
midjourney ai art     2    
ai generated text     2    
generative ai text     2
AI camera     2    
ai photos     2    
AI racism     2    
ai background     2    
ai christmas     2    
AI generated hand     2    
ai photography     2    
ai plagiarism     2    
ai mistake     2


About 10 pages in all. Including Ai Weiwei and such.



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32 minutes ago, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg said:

stop shouting mate

you're hurting my virtual ears

but thanks for link, chum


"The AI model built by Bria has been trained on licensed content from Alamy"


so did we receive compensation for this...?  even if pennies per person...?


Only if you are part of the Novel Use program.  I am not and do not intend to rejoin.



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Back in March/April of this year there was this thread:




There it was explained that a condition of Midjourney was that they had to be tagged as "made with generative AI" and I found that "currently 433,907 results for 'generative AI' on Alamy, back on March 9th when this was discussed this figure was 232,374 so up by 200,000 in 7 weeks."


I'm now finding only 4,892  results for "generative AI" and some/most/all of these could be just illustrating the concept rather than having been created with it, which is I suppose a problem for Alamy when trying to remove the real offenders.


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1 hour ago, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg said:

to clarify, OP is

a. about AI companies using our non-AI images to develop AI software

b. NOT about licensing our AI images


This is about Alamy using our images to develop AI software.  They say they will pay photographers whose images were used to create AI images. But they will pay you via the Novel Use program for this.  Outside of Alamy using our images, from court cases that have gone before, it seems you have to find an image that is very similar to your particular image.  Similar enough that you can see you image in the AI image.


There is a case ongoing that first was dismissed for that reason.  It was refiled showing AI images that looked very like the original image.  Hasn't gone to court yet I don't think. I'm too lazy to look for it.  I'm sure if you do some searching, you will find it.



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