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AI under fire for using AI


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7 hours ago, Mr Standfast said:

..and the prize for aliteration goes to...


Seriously Amnesty should know better.


I trust Amnesty these days as far as I can throw a email/mail harvester, which was my experience with them.   Anytime anyone is reporting on Latin America, mostly the demonstrators are not peaceful, non-violent unarmed protestors.  There have been an enormous number of mislabeled photos as if things that had happened in one country happened in another.  Even without AI, there's a lot of this going on.  

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I suspect that Amnesty used the ai image because it was cheaper than actually paying for a real photograph from a news agency.


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Won't there always be little aspects of rapidly changing  reality that AI will always get wrong in terms of editorial imagery?


I can understand AI use as long as credited as such as an illustration ( as already happens when they say use of 'stock image') and make it clear.


Even if Amnesty wrote a caption saying that it was an AI image to protect individuals and just an illustration of what is happening..

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On 03/05/2023 at 06:25, Michael Ventura said:


Not much is safe at this point


I stopped trusting images (and photographers) back when Photoshop came along.


AI is just the fake icing on the photo-manipulation cake.

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