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Links within Alamy Website Down?

Steve Valentia


Thurs 26th June 11.40am.


When I try to open another web page within Alamy, such as 'pseudonym summary' to a specific pseudonym for recent zooms, I get an internal server error 500. This is also happening in the forum if I try to view member's images. 

Is anyone else having this issue, or is it just at my end? 

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The front page should come with a warning for those affected by flashing lights and images !!  I was searching for a particular city, gave up after a few seconds, I wonder how many clients have also when confronted with such an awful front page !!



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5 hours ago, Thomas B said:

Measures / Pseudonym Summary is down for me also, last working date is 21-Jun-2022.

In my case it's June 20.

Btw it's not the Pseudonym Summary itself that's not working: that is working fine. It's the Home > My Alamy > Pseudonym Summary > Search term(s)


It's not that the link is not working.

It's the function that is not in use by Alamy anymore. Which is a pity.

Let's hope it comes back.  I find it very useful.



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