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Motors in Morocco

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7 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

This is 1971 - Marrakech and Tangier


I thought that this was a Morris Minor - but maybe it is French car? 






And this one is yellow - Renault? Fiat?






Thanks for looking. 


The yellow one is a Renault 4L.

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Nice pictures !


...i agree about theRenault 4, maybe from the early 60's.


I think the other one may be a Peugeot 203 from the 1950's

similar to this one maybe...  apparently detail on the model changed a bit from time to time.

...wiper blades and the way the door opens backwards are same.



1950 Peugeot 203


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25 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

Not concerend about identifying these

I bet somebody will!

American cars and probably a French or Spanish lorry. Could be the model from last week- or do I see a big Renault diamond?😉

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Not the same as last time then.

Bet someone will bag it for you though.

Oh yes, the brown car is a Simca and the logo on the bus is for Magirus Deutz. Who now build the huge 64m. turntable ladders for the London Fire Brigade.

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Doors that open backwards brings a memory. We had a 4 door car with the rear doors that opened backwards. They were called “suicide doors” and I found out why. I have no idea the name/model of the car.

My mother was driving my sister and I home from school on an old dirt rutted country road. The snow had been churned up to frozen clods. I leaned against the door and fell out. The door was at my back, pushing me, as my bottom was being ground up by the frozen clods. Thankfully, mother quickly stopped when she heard my screams.  She wasn’t going fast anyway, but I still had some pretty nasty scratches since I was wearing a dress, not long pants.
I was 8 years old, barely. I didn’t enjoy sitting down for awhile.

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On 27/05/2022 at 21:39, StanRohrer said:

I can't see enough of the headlight "eyelids" to be sure of the year. 1955, 1956, 1957, Chevrolet BelAir, is my best guess. USA car.


Thank you Stan 😄

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