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  1. Complicated captcha?

    I have a new thought. These Captchas are the new Alamy artifical intelegence to check image submission keywording. Are you spamming your images? Your peers will help find you out! ;-)
  2. Complicated captcha?

    I had to click for street signs. So is the sign post still a part of the sign? If somebody has a finger in the edge of our submitted photos then we need a model release. So is a post a part of the sign? Is the sign small border corner in a segment still a sign? Is that thing way down the road still a sign or an unrecognizable object? I think it took 4 screens to get in here today. Do Alamy submission rules apply to the Captcha images?
  3. I used Skype from Malaysia a few years ago. Skype to Skype was free using the hotel WiFi Internet connections. Skype to landline cost money but was very cheap. I think I bought $10US credits and used less than $1 on numerous calls back to the states. Then Microsoft got involved so I hope it is still the same. I also used Facebook video Messenger for end to end calls with my wife. For local calls in Malaysia I was directed to buy the cheapest $35 cell phone in the country and add minutes for a Pay-As-You go plan. I was there for 3 weeks. We carried 2 SIM cards so one worked in Malaysia and another in Singapore.
  4. Look up the tour bus sites. They would be hitting the sites and attractions to fit the tastes of visitors. It's been years since I've been to NYC, but the tour guide said that visitors tend to do it wrong. They should take the bus tours on the first days and then decide if they want to spend more time at any of the stops they can visit again on the later days. People too often go out on their own and then take a bus tour before leaving - only to again hit some of the places they've already been too and don't really need to see again. But for your question, what are the highlighted bus tour stops?
  5. Has there been a re-rank?

    Many years ago I landed on the next to last page of the BHZ game. My sales were better there than when I was around page 10. Good Luck! It will be interesting to see if you note any sales change.
  6. Has there been a re-rank?

    I haven't looked at BHZ in many months. For years I've hung around pages 9 or 10. I found myself at page 4 just now.
  7. Net Revenue Sales Report changes

    I think there is too much white space and not enough transactions on the page. Too much scrolling and clicking to research transactions, repeat sales, and refunds. The column widths have too much white space on a 30" monitor with the internet browser spread across some reasonable space. The top calculations take up to much of the top of the page. This layout change was not very helpful to me.
  8. I sense a re-rank

    Fixed the Super Tags?
  9. Am I wasting my time?

    My quick flash through a few of your pages indicates the images are good enough on a technical and visual basis. Now the question is who will buy them? What will the image be used for? What does the customer want and why will he choose your image over some other? These are tough questions to answer when working through an agency. Some of my work sells to textbooks, tour guides, and magazine articles. Do your images "sell" a location? Do they represent the total essence of a given location? Do they strongly invite a viewer to come to the location? Do they invite exploration? I've sold a few "calendar" shots. Are your images enticing to draw people in? Are they of places people recognize and want to visit? Do they look good hanging on a wall of your neighbor down the street? Some images are sold into advertising. Again, how do they connect with the viewer? Are they model/property released so they can be used commercially? We all need to think like a potential buyer (good luck with that!) and shoot towards some form of usage. Even if your mental buyer image is wrong, it is at least a step towards a sales end.
  10. Vintage cars

    car cutout = 4792 car cut out = 6802 car cut outs = 612 car isolated = 71,326 car isolated on white = 18,350 car vintage = 166,194 car vintage isolated = 5837 I sell some clipped cars. Most of my sales were via Microstock on my best days in the mid 2000's. I've sold some via Alamy but in recent years it is only the "real classics", not just of any old vintage. Yours will likely have people to deal with and may not end up in commercial uses without model releases. The challenges include: the clipping time required, creating a decent grounding shadow (to offer with and without), removing decals and badges and licence plates (assuming for commercial use), making glass and windows appear natural, removing reflections that no longer make sense when the car is removed from it's environment (clouds, people, buildings, light posts), identifying year make and model for search terms.
  11. me first Magic Wanded image

    I didn't catch obvious magic wand work. However, when I do this kind of retouching I do it at 300% zoom. It has to pass as acceptable at 200% and 100% so I'll feel good it will pass QC. Here I can't look at 200% to check edges and blending.
  12. Alamy Image Manager - want a sneak peek?

    If this is as simple as it looks, I may be motivated to go back and review those very old images keyworded before the current 3 tier system.
  13. I've used Drive Image XML for a few years to do (I think) what you desire. I don't know that is has been updated but does seem to run on Win 10. I am just now switching to Macrium Reflect (home, free) but have only used it a few times - so not much knowledge on regular use. I use iMatch by PhotTools for my DAM database and quite a few of those users have gone with Macrium Reflect.
  14. A Couple of Tips

    Those clear blue sky's are easier for a client to add text inside the pic. Nice puffy clouds can make a good landscape scene but are less workable for text.
  15. A Couple of Tips

    Always include the city, state, and country, location information. Even if it is a simple flower shot. A Dayton, Ohio, USA, tourism magazine does not want to use a shot from a competing Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, market. Ohio magazine generally wants all images to be shot in Ohio. Buyers which are not location sensitive will not likely be searching by location.