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Have you found any images in May 2022

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I thought I'd posted this but it seems to have disappeared - anyone else see it?




01/05/2022, The Observer, p8, nurses, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
01/05/2022, The Observer, p21, Lower Slaughter watermill, 2J1Y1TC, Alan Gardiner
01/05/2022, The Observer, p21, Borrowdale Valley watermill, 2EAE0TR, Chris Freer
01/05/2022, The Observer, p22, Maggie O'Farrell, KD5DPH, Martina Bocchio/Awakening
01/05/2022, The Observer, p40, swallow, BKN4EY, mike lane
01/05/2022, The Observer, p56, barrister wearing wig, DR3TCH, Diane Randell
01/05/2022, The Observer [Magazine], p15, still from 'Glow', PMC55G, PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive
01/05/2022, The Observer [Magazine], p37, Asplenium nidus, MXN8N3, Olga Miltsova [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
01/05/2022, The Observer [Review section], p32, Hardwick Hall, M88WE2, Brian Lawrence [Alamy credit only]
01/05/2022, The Observer [Review section], p32, Hopkins House in Hampstead, BAK0JT, Richard Glover-VIEW  [Alamy credit only]

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03/05/2022, The Guardian, p13, Brighton Pier, 2J6HCKD, Simon Dack News  [via Live News]
03/05/2022, The Guardian [Journal section], p6, calory labels on food, FWXMRC, adam korzeniewski
03/05/2022, The Guardian [Journal section], p11, engraving of Manchester by Thomas Higham, D8886K, Chronicle


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