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Taking fewer risks etc ?

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36 minutes ago, Jansos said:

That is such a derisory amount. PA/Alamy should be ashamed to call themselves a professional Agency. Who gives away photos for $0.18? We really should be allowed to set our 'reserve price'. As it is PA/Alamy might as well just roll-over and admit defeat. How can $0.18 be part of any business model for sustained growth and prosperity? Total disgrace. 😞



It is even worse that that. The commission is $00.07 to the photographer.


Right, I'm off. Rugby, fire, roast chicken. And stacks of beer.

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Low prices are bad enough but what I think really rankles is that a simple shot of a shop sign can license for the same low amount as say a rare shot of the Queen of England on the toilet.

What would be nice is a check box on AIM for something like 'Include in Image Pack'.

Alamy trust us enough to do our own QC, they can surely trust us to know when we have a 'cheap'un' or a 'good'un'.

We could then choose if we want  only the 'cheap'uns'  to be part of the 'image pack' and possibly smaller fees but license more often and keep the 'good'uns' in a more premier collection.

This would also work for the image packs. For a pack of 1000 downloads per month they get 1000 images but only those designated 'cheap'uns' or they can have say 100 'premier' photos or a mix of both accordingly.


Not likely to ever happen though  🙁




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1 hour ago, Sally said:

That would, indeed, be a rare shot. Who is it? 😉

Almost got the shot but my disguise as one of those knitted dolly toilet roll covers was unfortunately rumbled quite quickly me being 6 foot and all

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