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Images not showing up in my portfolio or search



I submitted a batch of 11 images last week and they passed QC on Monday (13 September).  I added tags, etc, and all 11 images show as "On sale" in Image Manager.  However, more than 3 days later only 5 of the 11 images are showing up in my portfolio or come up in a search.  I have submitted a couple of batches since then and they have passed and the images show up but only these 5 from Monday have vanished.


My dashboard says:  341Images on sale with poor discoverability.

My portfolio says: Photographer | 335 images


I only have one Pseudonym and it is set correctly.

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21 hours ago, NYCat said:

Wait 24 hours for the site to update. Occasionally it takes longer than that.




and by Occasionally Paulette means regularly nowadays ;), and by longer we mean no acknowledgement of how long.  I have images approved Saturday still not up for client search.  Since historically servers still updated on week-end, this is now 3 updates with images not making it through. 

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I solved my problem.  It was actually quite weird and have to partially speculate what happened.


I use Lightroom and the Alamy-Lightroom Bridge.


Using the Alamy-Lightroom Bridge I can get my images ready for sale while they are still in QC and once they pass I just wait 24 hours for them to be on sale.  That has worked perfectly me up until this one batch.  It has also worked perfectly for all subsequent batches.


The batch in question had 11 images of two different species of sawfly larvae.  For 5 of the images I have 3 super tags and 4 tags.  The other 5 images had 4 super tags but only 2 regular tags.  Twenty-four hours after the batch passed QC the 5 with 3/4 were on sale but the 6 with 4/2 were not.  Even after my next batch went through QC, passed and were on sale these 6 images were still "Not ready".


Using Image Manager, I added a 4 extra tags to one of the images and saved.  Twenty-four hours later that image appeared.  So it appears that 2 regular tags is not enough (even though Image Manager and My Dashboard said they were on sale.


Next, I used Lightroom to add the same 4 extra tags to the remaining images.  I used the plugin to update Alamy.  The extra tags showed up in Image Manager however, even a few days later those images were not on sale even though I'd had subsequent batches through QC that were on sale.


I used Image Manager to add another tag to each image and saved.  A little over 24 hours the remaining images showed up.


So, my conclusions are: 

  1. You need more than 2 regular tags before your images truely go on sale (even though My Dashboard and Image Manager think they are).  Any less can cause the images to get "stuck"
  2. Alamy-Lightroom Bridge will successfully update the tags but can't fix "stuck" images 



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