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  1. It is not that I'm not interested but I have to weigh up the effort to the benefit. I can see a lot of value in the plugin but I have already found some problems (other than the file names) so I don't want to do the rename thing (and break other parts of my workflow - note there are many different ways to do things other than the way you do it) and then not use the plugin anyway. My biggest fear is the lack of support. Still no response in over 10 days for 2 tickets I opened - and he hasn't closed the original ticket from the login problem so I suspect a lack of interest. The plugin could just stop working one day. Now... if there is other value to me and my workflow to renaming the original files then it may be worth doing it regardless of the plugin.
  2. Google is your friend . . . dd Not in this case. I searched and could not find any examples which showed that the way I'm doing it is a problem. In fact, I found many examples of similar schemes to mine. I should point out that my workflow already places each file in a directory at least for year and month and all my diving photos (which is 90% of my photos) in a folder per dive. When I export I never export using the original file name.
  3. Please outline some scenarios. It is a huge amount of work to make the change - not just Lightroom - so I'd have to know it is worth it.
  4. Yeah... I'm not going to rename >100k files and deal with the mess that creates for my library and backups just to work around the short-sightedness of an expensive plugin that has other problems (like no support). Note that I already have a system that allows for duplicate file names in my library and this is the first time in the 8 years I have been using Lightroom that I've had a problem with duplicates. Sorry... I didn't mean for that to sound harsh. I'm frustrated by this plugin. It could be so good and so useful but it is let down by short-sightedness. It appears to be something Jim wrote for himself and his workflow and then tried to make money on it.
  5. Yes, adding the Alamy Ref has helped with all my old images until I uploaded a new image with the plugin that had the same file name as my old image. The problem is not the extension but the base file name. There doesn't seem to be a setting that says "completely ignore the file name and use other settings".
  6. Duplicates should wind up in a separate Smart Group. I usually wind up with NEFs and TIFs so I select the NEFs, use the Plug-In to remove Alamy data, and then Fetch Alamy MetaData to match the remaining TIFs in the Duplicates Smart Group. I have been through that already but it still messes up. I have one image that was uploaded outside the plugin. The file name is DSC_7627.NEF but I uploaded it as P_biaculeatus_Mioskon1302.JPG. I have another image that was uploaded using the plugin. It is also DSC_7627.NEF (I have 3 Nikon cameras and over 100k images so filenames have been reused 10+ times) and was uploaded as DSC_7627.JPG. I can get the plugin to work with the second image but when I do a fetch for the first image I always get the data for the second image. Most of the "features" for getting around duplicates and/or alternatives to using the original file name are either broken or inconsistent.
  7. Oh, wow. I can't believe how crappy this plugin is. The way it is written is that it forces duplicates but then can't handle them.
  8. Perhaps there was some kind of delay earlier in the week. Early on Monday afternoon (Sydney time) I used the plugin to upload 7 images. They didn't show up in Track Submissions until Tuesday morning and didn't pass QC until Wednesday morning (Sydney time) On Wednesday morning I tried another 10 using the plugin but it crashed Lightroom. I couldn't be sure if they even uploaded so uploaded the saved JPEGs using Online Upload. They showed up in Track Submissions immediately. The batch from the plugin didn't appear in Track Submissions until late Thursday morning. On Thursday evening I uploaded 5 images using FileZilla (after "uploading" from the plugin in . They showed up in Track Submissions within an hour. All three batches passed QC overnight (and then I had duplicates to clean up). This morning (Friday) around 8 am I uploaded 3 batches of 3 images each. The first 3 using the plugin, the next 3 using FileZilla and 3 using Online Upload. The plugin was the quickest to do the actual upload, then FileZilla. Online Upload failed multiple times on the last image but the first 2 were showing in Track Submissions immediately. The 3 from the plugin and the 3 from FileZilla showed up in Track Submissions within a couple hours and as a single batch of 6 images. This has got me wondering. When I do an Online Upload I am asked if I'm finished. It must use the answer to that question to close off the batch. How does it know to close off an FTP uploaded batch? Does Alamy just wait a certain amount of time and if no more images are uploaded it closes off the batch and that's when it appears in Track Submissions? I guess it could be time since the last upload or perhaps even certain times of the day (which might explain why some of mine take longer than others).
  9. Does Upload work for people? The first upload I did it took nearly 24 hours before the upload appeared in Track Submissions and then it was another 24 hours for QC. My second upload hasn't shown up after 24 hours. Is this a problem with the plugin or FTP uploads in general?
  10. Yeah, he responded to me, too, quite quickly, for the server error. Unfortunately, Fetch Alamy Metadata doesn't work for me*. I've raised a ticket and still haven't received a response. * I know it is matching as I get the correct sales data for the images but no metadata.
  11. Lucky I found this thread before buying the plugin - not that I can even get the trial version to log in to Alamy on my Mac.
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