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  1. Lovely and warm here just west of Sydney. A beautiful long weekend and we can't go more than 5km from home!
  2. I solved my problem. It was actually quite weird and have to partially speculate what happened. I use Lightroom and the Alamy-Lightroom Bridge. Using the Alamy-Lightroom Bridge I can get my images ready for sale while they are still in QC and once they pass I just wait 24 hours for them to be on sale. That has worked perfectly me up until this one batch. It has also worked perfectly for all subsequent batches. The batch in question had 11 images of two different species of sawfly larvae. For 5 of the images I have 3 super tags and 4 tags. The other 5 im
  3. I submitted a batch of 11 images last week and they passed QC on Monday (13 September). I added tags, etc, and all 11 images show as "On sale" in Image Manager. However, more than 3 days later only 5 of the 11 images are showing up in my portfolio or come up in a search. I have submitted a couple of batches since then and they have passed and the images show up but only these 5 from Monday have vanished. My dashboard says: 341Images on sale with poor discoverability. My portfolio says: Photographer | 335 images I only have one Pseudonym and it is set correctly.
  4. I had a sale yesterday. Country: JapanUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 August 2021End: 01 August 2026Japan, Book, print and/or e-book; Bulk discount, flat rate
  5. It would have been nice if they had told me that and told me the repercussions of the deletion. I mean, if you email them, you get an automated response saying to check the fora, which I did and found this thread. The problem is they have deleted the old image so it is too late to do that. This morning (my time) the old image was coming up in a search but if I clicked on the image I got an error. This afternoon the new image is now coming up in a search, which surprises me as I only added the metadata this morning.
  6. And, the old image is still showing up in searches so that's not good, either!
  7. But I didn't want it deleted! I asked for it to be replaced as this thread is talking about.
  8. I tried this but they messed up. I had submitted an image, it passed QC and I tagged it ready for sale. After it went on sale I noticed the colour cast was wrong. I corrected the colour cast and submitted a new version of the image. After it passed QC I sent an email to Contributor Relations explaining the problem and that I wanted the old image replaced with the new one. I included the image ID for each image. They just deleted the old image - which I could have done myself.
  9. 2 I figure I won't get preferential treatment with only a 2, but the wait times seem to be very inconsistent.
  10. I have found it weird. I made a submission on 13 August (in Australia) and it wasn't done until last 19 August. I made a submission on 19 August and it was done by the next morning. I made another on 20 August and I'm still waiting.
  11. My fear with example 1 is that if someone was to search on just the genus, Stigmatopora, they wouldn't find my photographs - or they might but they'd be further down in the list as it would matching on the caption only. The same problem can occur for common names. For example, the "official" common name for S. harastii is "Red Wide-bodied Pipfish", but people might put "Red Wide-body Pipefish". I can preempt that by putting various combinations of common names, but if I have "red, wide, bodied, body, pipefish" it would still be found, wouldn't it?
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