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Please advise

Agus Prianto

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Weird contributor names…more than one. One name is “koi fish in a flower garden” on a picture of a butterfly. Is there more than one contributor? This is not clicking on the link he supplied but the blue numbers under his avatar.

And a hummingbird moth called a butterfly.

Some talented photographs, though.

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Great photos, but it won't be easy for buyers to find them. Many of the plants are captioned with vague terms such as 'foliage' or 'green leaf'. Using the precise names might be better as so many plants have green leaves / foliage.


Also some captions aren't accurate. I saw several saying 'isolated on white background' which actually have water in the background.

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Agus, your captions are far too short. They are searchable by clients in Alamy.


"Before you start, think about the potential use of the image and what it’s likely to be sold for, the more accurately you describe your image, the more visibility it will have in customer searches, which will significantly increase your chance of making a sale."


You need the species and Latin name for plants and animals. 'Cactus plants in pots' is not good enough - no one will find these pictures.



Nicotiana tabacum - Image ID: 2GBDY7T

Nicotiana tabacum Stock Photo


Your caption is pretty useless. Example caption could be: 'Cultivated tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) being grown in a field in Java, Indonesia, for processing into tobacco. Theme: smoking problems, tobacco usage, tobacco market, smoking in Asia' Imagine you're a client hovering over pages of images - all you can see is the image thumbnail and the caption - why would they bother clicking on your image when you provide so little information?


Some pictures are underexposed.


Good selection of images though, nice portfolio.




Edited by Steve F
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I clicked on 2GAEN6P and see the caption "Butterfly and bright summer flowers on a background of blue foliage in a fairy garden".

I'm sure English isn't your first langague and sympathise completely with having to translate, but you won't sell anything if your caption and keywords aren't accurate.

1. It's not a butterfly. I know nothing about Indonesian insects, so sorry I can't help identify this one.

2. The foliage is green, not blue.

3. "fairy garden"? I guess it might be a garden with a fairy theme, but it's not evident in the photo, so just say garden.


And so on, and so forth, for many of your images.

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