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  1. Hi Alex. I'm really new to this too. No sales so far, but I've not uploaded a lot of pictures yet. My thinking is that I enjoy photography, taking potential stock shots gives me a focus*, and there's the possibility I could get some cash. * he he focus! Geddit? Wanders off laughing at own, frankly terrible, joke.
  2. Great photos, but it won't be easy for buyers to find them. Many of the plants are captioned with vague terms such as 'foliage' or 'green leaf'. Using the precise names might be better as so many plants have green leaves / foliage. Also some captions aren't accurate. I saw several saying 'isolated on white background' which actually have water in the background.
  3. I agree that it's in the family Brizbee mentions. It's almost impossible to give a definite ID based on this image alone. To be sure you'd need to know the size of the flowers and time and location of flowering. By location I mean both geographical location and soil conditions eg acid/alkaline we/dry sunny/shady. Even more importantly the foliage needs to be examined.
  4. I agree about it being subjective! I too thought they were nicely atmospheric, but I see what Steve means too. As we don't know the preferences of potential buyers, maybe in cases like this it's a good idea to have some of each?
  5. Lovely photos! I'm quite new here myself. I understand that it's a good idea to include the latin names of plants and animals, and the location, in the captions.
  6. Thanks! That's very helpful. I did read a lot of info about model releases and stuff, and that's the impression I got, but I was concerned I might be doing something wrong. I think that unless I have permission it would be best to photograph people, rather than a person and/or not have them recognisable (as with the person holding the pencil on your map photos)?
  7. I know what you mean about waiting for people to get out of the way! Don't I need model release forms to photograph people?
  8. It's been pointed out that one of my images isn't sharp. I agree, despite it having passed QC. How can I remove it from my portfolio / take it off sale?
  9. It does indeed! Thanks for all the tips. You may have guessed I've been going through pictures I took for myself. I'm starting to realise that's not good enough and I need to start shooting with stock pictures in mind. (The huge rose garden isn't mine btw, but all the other photos so far uploaded are from mine. It's not a big garden – my greatest photographic skill is in making it look like a normal housing estate garden extends for half an acre!)
  10. Thank you. I'll add those details in the keywords and fix the error. I'm sure you're right about not having deselected an image before adding the wrong title. I got that wrong a couple of times – thought I'd fixed them all, but obviously not!
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