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"who goes to Google Images to buy images?"

I don't really understand your scepticism Ian. Google Images is the way most people find images these days. If accurate copyright and licensing information is connected to those images this can only be a good thing. I have had several buyers find my images through Google Images and then contact me separately to licence them. My highest licence fee of nearly £3,000 resulted from this. I expect this route would result in more sales if the process were made more transparent and convenient.


You're right of course that professional image buyers do not currently prefer this route. Dedicated image researchers/buyers are becoming an endangered species however!

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On 02/09/2020 at 20:15, geogphotos said:

Who knows perhaps this will evolve into something useful but as plenty of others have commented - who goes to Google Images to buy images?


Why would anybody actually do that?


Melcher on this on his Thoughts of a Bohemian blog. With some numbers.




edit: re-reading it one week later: 1 number 😂


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So has anyone managed to get a "licensable image" badge on their images in Google?


I updated the metadata on one of my images to add the Copyright Image URL and Licensor URL, uploaded it to my website and asked Google to index the page it is on.

The image is indexed, but it does not have the "licensable image" badge, nor the "Get this image on: <url>" description.


It does show the "Creator", "Credit" and "Copyright"  details in the description with my name etc but not as clickable links, whereas my other images generally just say "Images may be subject to copyright" and no other details. So something has changed, but not what I was expecting.



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On 29/08/2020 at 16:29, Travelshots said:

Not yet perhaps , But supposing google charged a small fee to an agency , a group of photographers could set up an online e commerce  agency and display its images on worldwide google with the copyright link. The client can then buy an image from the small agency charging just a small commission to its own photographers, There would be no more selling people , very low costs and 100% of the fee which each photographer could set. No more paying 80% to big G or even 50% to Alamy.  It is getting your images in front of clients that is the thing that an individual photographer cannot easily do.. Google could do it for you ?? who knows ??  

This is now working well on Google . Many Alamy images . Also video from Getty.  Try "Buckingham Palace video" for example.

You have to select :"images" : then "tools" then "Licensable commercial"

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