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  1. This is my experience: Let's say i had 50 images with pseudo "A" 30 images with pseudo "B" I wanted to remove pseudo "B" First, I needed to change the pseudo "B" of the 30 images to "A" With 0 images in pseudo "B", I was able to remove it. BUT, My Alamy Measures graphic were flattened to 0.00 (which makes sense). andre
  2. Right. It seems to me that you are on the right path. https://www.naturespot.org.uk/species/brown-lipped-snail
  3. Possibly Cepaea hortensis? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cepaea_hortensis_(Müller,_1774).jpg andre
  4. Nothing new here, signed in to both Alamy site and the forum (using Firefox). andre
  5. Right. In order not to confuse I have updated my post with the "Exported Settings", in case it's still useful. andre
  6. Examples: "Image ABC001.jpeg" [Explorer] Image Properties Dimensions: 5760 x 3840 pixels @ 300 dpi Size on Disk: 3.57 MB (3,751,936 bytes) [Exported from .CR2 / File Settings - Quality 80 Size on Disk: 10.3 MB (10,899,456 bytes) [Exported from .CR2 / File Settings - Quality 100 [Photo Program] Image Size Dimensions: 5760 x 3840 pixels @ 300 Pixels/Inch Image Size: 63.3M [Photo Program] Image Size I cropped the image to: Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 pixels @ 300 Pixels/Inch This offers an Image Size: 17.2M Open again in [Explorer] Image Properties Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 pixels @ 300 dpi Size on Disk: 3.00 MB (3,149,824 bytes) Size on Disk: 4.44 MB (4,657,152 bytes) The "Image Size" on Disk/Explorer (File size) is not the same as the "Image Size" in the Photo Program. andre
  7. Headline A headline is a brief synopsis or summary of the contents of the photograph. Title The textual title of the work, or reference name. Source: https://www.iptc.org/std/photometadata/documentation/userguide/#_general_image_content Agencies use these fields in various ways: Example 1: Headline: Demonstrators take part in a rally... Title: "abc123" (the same as File Name field) Example 2: Headline: Demonstrators take part in a rally... Title: "Place"-Protest Headline: Autumn colors... Title: "Place"-Weather Example 3: Headline: Autumn colors... Title: Autumn colors... (the same in both fields) andre
  8. Michael, When it was colder I had that foggy problem with other type of masks. In addition to pinch the top of the mask to fit the shape of my nose, I made sure to tight the sides as well for a good fit to avoid the filtering of warm air. My glasses is always over a small part of the top of the mask. or I realized that pushing the glasses forward the nose to allow more air to circulate (more space between my eyes and the glasses) and washing my glasses with soap and water, keeping it clean also helps. andre
  9. For sure I don't have a better nose, maybe just a nose suitable for that type of mask.🤣
  10. Ed, If the mask comes with a flexible nose wire, try to fit. I wear glasses all the time, I have had no problems. Stay safe, andre
  11. I have seen the feature live today in G images search and I'm looking forward to how this can somehow influence the licensing of images.
  12. Google starts to display licensing information about content that appears in Google Images. When the mouse is pointed on the images appears the "Licensable" text. When image is clicked (ex. Alamy images) "Get this image on: Alamy | License details" is displayed. Stay safe, andre
  13. My experience in Brazil, depending on the area (risk of assault or robbery): ----------------------------------------- Low risk zone Lowepro Fastpack 350 DSLR Camera Backpack Lowepro Photo Runner Beltpack/Shoulder Camera Bag (bought in 2007) Different modular belt pouches (So I can separate the camera and lens) or just carry a compact camera in the pocket High risk zone ----------------------------------------- In particular, the kit choice depends on the event and location. Normally, I feel more comfortable using an old beltpack/shoulder camera bag for walk around street photography. andre
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