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  1. In my case, upload them with the right tags (incl. caption and keywords), also tick the checkbox "I've covered this pic need". I've seen some photographers also "notify" Alamy via Twitter. Andre
  2. I completely agree. I think that the discussion of whether the "weather" is newsworthy or not, it's a "misunderstanding" consequence of what was already mentioned (surprise e-mail), from one day to the next for some togs who shoot "weather" it remains "newsworthy", for another who also shoot it is no longer (just because the lack of upload route, etc.). "Live news (platform)" should be separated from photojournalism which is much broader and more interesting. (And, please, it's nothing special with anyone, it's a general point of view, everyone has my respect, the "original main problem" is not you, lady or gentleman "togs". To say, "we" are the consequence of a "ill-advised/imprudent" action).
  3. (As Russell said on the list of agencies...). It is well known that most are distribution partners among them, at the same time as with Alamy. Each mentioned agency has local/regional contributors or staff togs in where their headquarters are based, and in most cases also directly contributors from abroad (I have contributed with one of them). But, the most important thing is, in some way the "world map, especially those big/important cities" are covered. The live news was in a certain way out of control, because it was "allowed", but to say a great part of the "problem" wasn't a mistake from "we" the contributors. Now, the land was cleared, many times "demolishing an old house is easier than repairing it". Simply, this is part of the harsh reality about running a business. IMHO (I mentioned before about my disappointment on the way it was done) After that "surprise" e-mail and the re-applying, I did not stand still waiting for a response whether favorable or not (so far just silence), so once again, I began to invest more time in upgrading my blog/site portfolio, at the same time contacting with a few of more news specialized "heavyweight" agencies. So far, at least I have received specific feedback (or convincing answers) about projects in the medium term, from professionals who have worked in the front line. Fingers crossed. On the other hand, "breaking news" images are always "newsworthy", but "newsworthy" images are not necessary "breaking news". Have a nice weekend! Andre
  4. A quick review from a general point of view: Case 1: Photographers (A) who only shoot news. Case 2: Photographers (B) who shoot most news and occasionally stock. Case 3: Photographers (C) who shoot news and stock by 50/50. Case 4: Photographers (D) who shoot most stock and occasionally news. In a safe position (As normal): (A) and maybe (B): main sales on live news and "regular" on stock. Uncertain position (Rejected): (B), (C) and (D), always focusing on "news images", assuming they sell occasionally as news images, or just as stock images. Independent of how many togs were revoked, will (B,C,D) shoot "newsworthy" images to upload as stock? These "newsworthy" images must pass technical QC, with the risk of images coming from less favorable shoot environments and unfavorable timing. If the doors are closed in this way, there is no possibility of any sale. IMHO Andre I am not discussing whether or not news images sells quantity via Alamy implies that are photojournalistic work or not, because maybe it can be sold through other sources, obviously, depending on several factors (Geography, etc.), better for another topic.
  5. Copy the "name" seems to me exaggerated. I don't think that a person's name is difficult to distinguish. English is not my first language, maybe my fifth language, I worked hard to have my keyword list and I keep learning every day ("Keywording" is a good opportunity to learn). On the other hand, hiding the keywords may affect the SEO. MHO Andre
  6. Two weeks ago, I sent an e-mail asking if the Live News Team have changed some parameter about what defines "newsworthy" because from a time here, I have rejected "news images" that subjects in the past were considered "newsworthy". And, I have noticed that images from Alamy partner agencies contributors have been kept in the Live News feed, even being less "newsworthy". That has caused a bit of confusion, at least for me. Now, the only "answer" I got is the revoking access to live news uploads e-mail. I agree that the Live News feed has to be of "higher quality", but the process for this "improvement" seems a bit unfair to me. Just in case, I reapplied but I feel my loyalty and my intention to grow with Alamy in vain. Andre "For important events I have always obtained credentials (press pass) directly on my own because I hold a Photo Reporter Professional Registry issued by the (former) Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil, I have done everything possible to saving work to Alamy."
  7. I found the following update today in AIM optional tab: - Image sourced from public domain (New) - Only available on Alamy (Old) => Exclusive to Alamy (New)
  8. After understanding the parameters of Alamy QC, with the D810 combo, there would be no major problems to move forward. I also started in the “era of the 48MB”, and with my then 10.1MP camera and non-pro lens, hard times and learning by the hard way. andre
  9. All the three exterior images, on the clouds and blue sky. The "moving staircase's image" looks like over "Noise reduction" and not as sharp.
  10. I did a quick check directly on your flickr, two three of your images have some dirt/dust spots (maybe sensor or lens) on the clouds and blue sky. One looks like over "Noise reduction" and not as sharp. andre
  11. I left a topic on March 8 on Suggestions and ideas > Alamy regarding ...highlight "Exclusive collection of stock and live news images"... I'm waiting for some progress too. Andre
  12. Yes, I have it as the first tab to start working. Personally, I find the workflow easier when I start filling first the "Optional" tab.
  13. I think I can't write better than what has already been shared here. I just think, there are several external factors that influence our desire for the "perfect photography world", whether talking about RM, RF, micro, macro, pricing, etc.). It's complicated to make comparisons these days, because the time, the geography of each one, the market, consumer behaviour, etc., they vary and they are constantly changing. Because the need and commercial strategy of each one is different, therefore, the parameters and points of view. There are everyday situations and exceptions. Modestly, I can only contribute, but I can't change the "photography world" from one day to the next. What I try to do and work hard for it, is to learn every day and try to maintain a level of technique, quality and moral, to keep my conscience clear after uploading each picture, they are also bases to find new opportunities, or maybe to build a new road. I hope that Alamy can continue to defend what is right for his contributors for as long as possible. Until today, almost all my images are in the RM field, in exclusive with Alamy, but who knows tomorrow. Finally, I consider that the most important is that each one can find the path that most suits her/him to progress. Andre
  14. Hello fellows, I don't know if I'm missing something, but when browsing through the Alamy website, there is no indication about "exclusive images" (Only available on Alamy), either in stock or live news images, in general search or individual image description (visitors mode). I think it would be an interesting option, useful to highlight the images from "Exclusive collection of stock and live news" and facilitate whoever (potential customers) either searching or browsing through the Alamy website. Andre
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