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  1. Having difficulty with first three photo uploads. I've read the information from Alamy regarding technical specifications and QC. My experienced technical team created image files to these specifications, with EXIF and metadata in the file names, but we keep getting the message that the EXIF information must be present. We're stumped. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Metadata editor?

    What metadata editor do people use for pre-tagging live news images? I’ve got MetaGear which does the job but might not be the best. I was wondering if there was recommended software.
  3. When metadata is requested, is it enough to send Alamy just the EXIF data such as that at the following URL/example: Will this suffice as the metadata requested for first uploads? If not, what other information would be needed? After first uploads, should metadata continue to be used? Thank you for your consideration. Regards, JBRoss
  4. Other metadata in an Alamy file

    Here's my latest sale: Start: 19 August 2016 End: 19 August 2021 Life of display, includes archival rights in perpetuity. Here's something I should know already but don't: Apart from the obvious captions/descriptions/keywords, how much of one's contact and copyright detail remains in a downloaded file - and therefore, what of our original metadata is retained in the file that a buyer wishes to retain in perpetuity? I'm guessing all. I don't have any selfish agenda here but just wondering out loud. Richard.
  5. Has anyone succeeded in using a Bluetooth keyboard for entering captions and keywords on the Stockimo app? It's a pain entering strings of keywords one by one on the iPhone's on-screen keyboard, even with a stylus, so we got a Bluetooth keyboard to make it a bit easier. It's an iPazzPort KP-810-25BTT, and works well with the Windows laptop, Android phone, and iPhone apps other than Stockimo. The Stockimo app doesn't pop up the edit screens when asked, although the entry/edit function is working, as the caption gets written invisibly! Has anyone had success with such a keyboard? I've reported the bug via support@stockimo, and had hopes for today's bug-fix release, but no such luck! Also, is there any editing access via desktop? It would be good to get at Stockimo images via Manage Images.
  6. I spent a couple of hours now with Lightroom 4 in order to familiarise myself with the interface and the menus etc. When I insert keywords into a image/images, the keywords are sorted in alphabetical order automatically. Can I switch off this automatic sort function? I looked through Preference, but no luck. Many thanks Sung
  7. Certainly very few of us if any wish to spend our time sitting in front of the computer instead of the camera. One thing that came to mind discussing a different topic is duplication of effort. Wouldn't it be cool if, by adding appropriate keywords in Lightroom, Photoshop (or some other non-Adobe product we will be using when they start their "Creative Cloud" subscription model) info could end up in the right fields in Alamy Manage Images?! Say while you were spotting your images you could count the number of people, then add 3:people to keywords and that data would get picked up and inserted into Manage Images. And since that photo was a street scene, you could just type in 0:modelrelease and Manage Images could use it to fill in that field. Etc. Etc. Just an idea....