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  1. My last two submissions took 10 days - my QC rank is 2 out of 3 stars - I've never had any QC failures so far
  2. I've been using BBF for years and love it, it suits the way I shoot. I don't have a camera with AF-A but what I like about BBF is that it gives me control and using AF-A seems, to me at least, to be relinquishing some of that control back to the camera.
  3. Quite even though they generally pay a pittance to the photographer, these brands were paying up to £100k to be at LFW, and it used to cost the BFC £4m to put up the "tent" at Somerset House (the catwalk venue). My professional indemnity insurance couldn't quite stretch to that plus they were often trying to meet tight deadlines - I've had one brand PR tap me on the shoulder for images while my card buffer light was still on just as the show finished - I had to explain I needed at least 30mins to get the images onto a laptop and select the picks. They took themselves very seriously, one of t
  4. Either these agencies have a more proactive sales team, or the clients are using a third party service from which to get their images that Alamy does not supply - for example many years ago I set-up a small picture library for a specific niche market, and in order to compete with the bigger agencies I found I had to post my images to a news image aggregator service called Image Data Systems - it was, maybe still is, the go to place for all the big media outlets aggregating news images from over 100 agencies. It's very expensive to supply though.
  5. Yeah of course, that's why I ordered 4 of them I too have had a couple of Lexar and Sandisk CF cards fail over the years, but never right out of the box, and these are my first CFexpress cards. I haven't done any for a while, but when I used to be commissioned by designers at London or Paris Fashion Week, I would have a backup camera, backup lens, even a back up step LOL, oh and also do a deal with a photographer mate who was also in the pit in case something goes completely wrong (I've had someone fall off a ladder before and got pushed to the ground).
  6. I just bought 4 CFexpress cards and was formatting them in my camera, but access is failing on one. The error message says "Cannot access and format this memory card. Insert another card". Anyone else experienced failures with CFexpress? The cards are Sony "TOUGH" 128Gb, camera is Nikon D5 EDIT: I formatted the card on my PC and now formats, writes and reads OK in camera.
  7. Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 17-February-2021 ; Duration: In perpetuity Mid $$ London, UK. 4 June 2019. Radka Blazickova of University of Northampton features recycled plastic garments on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week 2019 at The Old Truman Brewery in East London
  8. Inland Revenue? LOL I just did a quick google, and found a BBC sports journalist and a film producer with the same name (presumably not you), so maybe someone was looking for images of one of them. If you then switch to Google image search and select commercial license 11 of your Alamy live news images come up first.
  9. Re news and stockimo - in case anyone else was interested, I found this on stockimo.com FAQ:
  10. Ah, yes this is one of the reasons (before lockdown) I considered getting a s/h iPhone after I was chucked off Live News. So does s****i** have an option to submit as news - or how does it work? (it's still on my list of things to consider post-covid). TIA
  11. From the FAQ: Leaving Alamy Q. How do I close my account?A. You can close your Alamy account at any time by emailing contributors@alamy.com. Once you’ve emailed us, we’ll start the process. Your account will be closed and images will no longer be available for sale on our site 45 days after you asked for your account to be closed.
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