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  1. https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/2021/06/17/interview-with-paul-hardy-conceptual-stills-and-motion/ He doesn't sound too optimistic about the future and is diversifying.
  2. Here is a photo that I took at an official London Fashion Week catwalk fashion show, which is of course a trade event, and I was accredited by the British Fashion Council as a photographer. Would this fall foul of clause 4.1.6 (in particular any of the items above highlighted by me?) Warning - full frontal nudity: https://www.alamy.com/2BTTBX6 Edit: I notice that PA Images have similar images from the same event. https://www.alamy.com/G5XF8M
  3. You could buy your own agency: https://photoarchivenews.com/news/for-sale-boutique-stock-photo-agency/ They only have 2000 images - based on prices here should be able to pick it up for around 200 quid Edit: The PAN article says they have 2000 images, but the library website says 12,000 so maybe PAN mis-typed
  4. No, we are more like the wild solitary or mason bees. The honeybee population is not at risk - it's population is almost entirely under human control. It is just one of over 250 bee species in the UK - the others don't produce honey, live in a hive or have a queen, and its these bees that are under risk, from a triple threat of loss of habitat, climate change and increased use of pesticides. https://insidescience.org/news/how-bees-you-know-are-killing-bees-you-don't
  5. contributors@alamy.com - to close your account which means your images will be deleted by 30th June
  6. I used to work for a large investment bank back in the day, one day we had to attend a "diversity training" workshop. When asked what might be an acceptable topic of conversation with colleagues, someone piped up "religion". Everyone laughed and by the end of the day we all knew that the ONLY safe subject was the weather.
  7. Well that is the best model for making money out of photography these days. You can sell a license for $1 to $100 if you're lucky, or you can post all your images on as many photo sharing sites as possible and regularly search for unauthorised use, and invoice them, and if they don't pay, which is actually what you want, take them to court. I'm sure we've all read the stories about copyright infringement settlements. One that sticks in my mind was a photographer who found his £25 image in a large company's brochure, he asked them for around £50 (£25 for the image, £25 for not askin
  8. After an expensive and possibly protracted legal battle! I can't afford that.
  9. The risk then is any sales after 1st July will have the usage/indemnity issues under the new contract. To avoid that you need to close your account before 1st July. I clicked the delete button on all my images (status said would be deleted in Nov), then I closed my account, and today my dashboard status is zero on sale, zero not on sale.
  10. Yes, this is exactly how I feel. I think that might have been the plan all along
  11. Yeah I did a similar thing earlier this year, my images were exclusive, but I also set them all to RF/editorial and opted into distribution, based on Alamy's advice on how to get more sales. Didn't make any difference and now because of this I've now reversed it, setting all to non-exclusive, set back to RM editorial only (no personal use and no advertising), and opted out of distribution. And now I'm trailing another option, so Alamy will be a secondary concern for me.
  12. My last two submissions took 10 days - my QC rank is 2 out of 3 stars - I've never had any QC failures so far
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