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  1. The anti-competitive practices of the stock photography oligopolists need a formal investigation.
  2. Buyers (and Alamy) get round this restriction by selecting the 'Presentation or newsletters' option, which funnily enough is the exact same price.
  3. A new low for me this week... Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageDuration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. $6.48 I received more for a "newsletter" sale! How is this possible?
  4. Indeed. And now the CEO expects us to tie ourselves to this steadily sinking ship or forfeit 20%. Forgive me for not cheering this announcement.
  5. Why? I've seen no evidence that images exclusive to Alamy command higher prices. Why would anyone willingly tie themselves in contractual knots without an incentive?
  6. "More of the same" is no incentive for non-exclusive contributors to make the switch. This might have been the perfect opportunity for James to pitch his proposal to those people like me. He didn't bother. I prefer carrots to sticks.
  7. Can someone point me to the evidence that ***exclusive*** images result in consistently higher returns on Alamy please? This should have been included in James' latest video adventure if he had any serious interest in retaining contributors.
  8. But of course it does. Schools and universities would typically source licensed images from textbooks and other materials for their students to re-use if necessary. Educational publishers would be forced to pay sensible prices to allow their customers to do that. Is Alamy now licensing our images directly to individual students for peanuts instead?
  9. You may be correct: "This is a new licence aimed specifically at students and lecturers for student resources, and can only be purchased from an academic IP address." So Alamy is effectively exploiting our images to undermine traditional educational publishers, one of the few existing markets for my photos. Nice work Alamy.
  10. And...? It sounds like the Fischer Family Trust and it's associated organisations advances the professional interests of its owner. As such it may not be entirely altruistic. 'Charitable' status can often be used to gain an unfair advantage over commercial competitors. I question whether yet more quantitative targets in education are really what kids and teachers need. Nor are these services provided freely. The "generous benefits" available to FFT employees include a non-contributory pension scheme and private health insurance. These are not options easily available to Alamy contributors on our pathetic earnings.
  11. Restrictions are listed under the Optional tab in Image Manager. You can select the 500 most recently uploaded images using the check box at the top. The rest you will have to batch select by clicking first image, holding shift key, scrolling down and selecting last image. Restrictions can only apply to rights-managed images obviously. Took me 10 mins for 2K images.
  12. We're only permitted to select 3 restrictions. I chose to leave the option least likely to sell.
  13. I don't allow any personal use licensing so this must be an institution or a publisher. It's not just one dissertation but potentially thousands. Sometimes I suspect that Alamy staff must have a discretionary budget purely for the purposes of antagonising contributors.
  14. Dear Alamy, Regarding your proposed changes to the terms of my contract... I await your further response. Yours, A.N. Contributor
  15. Wow. This is a new low for me: Country: Worldwide Usage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays. Industry sector: Education Image Size: Any size Start: 10 December 2018 Duration: In perpetuity Price: $1.02 Can somebody explain how this rights-managed usage on those terms is allowed at this price, and who the likely customer is? Thanks.
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