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  1. Aesthetic "quality" is so subjective it's meaningless. By all means flag images "only available here" if that avoids confusion.
  2. The European honey bee is not an endangered species. It's essentially livestock.
  3. That's not really the point. If you mark bad images as "premium" they won't sell and there is no reward for doing so. On the other hand if you recognise your most valuable work both the photographer and agency benefit. Of course buyers would ultimately decide whether they wished to pay the asking price or not. Perhaps "premium" is not the right term, "full price" might be more appropriate!
  4. How about allowing individual contributors to assign "premium" status to 10% of their own collections? These images would be exclusive to Alamy and not subject to massive price discounting.
  5. This is exactly what Alamy's CEO now needs to justify to us. I bet she can't.
  6. You think they'd get a research grant for that? 'Deal Negotiation For Dummies' must already cover it surely.
  7. I do! If I was making more money I could afford to employ legal advisers to mitigate the others contractual issues!
  8. No company likes to be embarrassed on a public platform, that's why Alamy hides the links to this forum! 😄
  9. That is truly extraordinary. My experience is that Pixsy etc. will only tackle especially lucrative, easy-to-win cases, in 'safe' territories. I am perfectly capable of handling those myself.
  10. Yes, like whistleblowing and other forms of perfectly legitimate protest under oppressive regimes. 🤔
  11. Did Alamy ever update the website with details of the Affiliate Programme commission split? The blog entry has vanished: https://www.alamy.com/blog/get-started-alamys-affiliate-programme Why I should surrender 56.5% of the pathetic licence fee without opting in, no ability to opt out, and zero transparency about who benefits, is unclear to me. What is to prevent Alamy's media shareholders from following their own affiliate links and receiving a 10% discount?!
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