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  1. hello, Just wanted to get a few tips on putting locations into/on images from other members. When key wording do others put in "England" "Wales" "Warwickshire" "Somerset" etc or just the street, town then UK in the location address? As I type in the address, Google maps sometimes finds the right place, sometimes it doesn't! If I type in a company name it can default to another location the other side of the country!! Does anyone have a "best" or preferred way of putting in the exact location and Google finding it, or, is it just a bit hit and miss if Google finds the wrong place and best to carry on with what you believe to be the exact address? Or do people just enlarge the Google map and drop in a pin and fingers crossed someone searching for a location nearby will find it? Or, maybe I'm becoming just a little obsessive about key wording and location tags, haha. Thanks to anyone that replies, Dave.
  2. Looks like Google have made it (slightly) harder to save images on their image search facility, which has to be a good thing. It's not going to solve the problem of image theft but every little bit helps in my view .... Marc
  3. googleads........

    invisioncloudstats , googleads , google this and that...all these come up as my browser loads the alamy page and take ages sometimes to resolve. Why do we have to have a connection to google when I want to see my sales on alamy ?????
  4. Image Scraping?

    Image Scraping is a new term to me, but the big G is suing the other big G over it. This is the first I have heard of it. I'm not sure if there is a way to quantify the damages. It seems as though this would affect Alamy contributors too. That is why I am posting this link.
  5. Although this is Alamy-related, it is more a technical query about Google. The pseudo I use for news pics is Pjrnews. If I type that into a google search for images, nothing comes up. If I ADD 'Alamy', I get lots of results. I would have thought that adding search terms would narrow the results, not bring up new ones. Anyone know why this happens?
  6. A lot of agents, this one included are investing a lot of time and effort in ensuring a high SEO. Just thinking aloud (and definitely not complaining) but I am wondering when there comes a tipping point when google becomes less of a help than a hindrance and sales people pressing the flesh become more important. To give some examples, a couple of years ago I was looking up ferries between Finland and Sweden. Googling keywords ferries, Finland, and Sweden I just got pages of directory sites directing me around in circles. Trying to buy tickets for a West End show in London and I found the same. In both cases I ended up looking up the appropriate websites in guidebooks. Similarely I am probably not the only independent in Holland who is not happy with all the directory's listing our details which often appear higher in the results than our own websites. (The directories just take our details from the Kamer van Koophandel/Chamber of commerce where we are obliged to register.) Now enter stock photos. Earlier this year trying to corroborate the information in my captions for some buildings in downtown Rio and googling pertinent keywords a lot, if not all of the returns I was getting was for stock photos. This may be a reflection of previous searches and google trying to second guess what I was looking for (and wasn't.) If that is not the case I can imagine many not being able to see the wood through the trees. Especially with keyword spamming rife. Allied to this... on a forum I work with there is much gnashing of teeth as people are seeing sales evaporate in the past couple of months. One of the potential reasons given is a change of Google SEO for the POD. This would indicate that Google can make or break, which probably hasn't gone unnoticed in their offices. Others will know better than I, but are we already at the point where they are demanding money with menaces? groetjes, Richard
  7. I don't think that Alamy images appear in Google searches. Are there any plans to change this?
  8. Google to put YOUR photos, comments in online ads...FYI: If you use blogger for your blog,get your own website and link the photos you'd put into your blog if you do not want Google to be snagging those for their ads. Nothing you can do if you agreed to their TOS at sign up. I wonder how they will handle it when someone steals our ad-especially of a famous person and uses it in an ad or endorsement. Oprah is going after all of the bogus supplement companies that used her name or likeness in online ads for acai and Reversitrol. I believe Dr.Oz is as well. L