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  1. ...but sadly, only 1 from my portfolio. My CTR has been reasonable the last few months, but is in freefall this month (July), so when I noticed some nice person had 'zoomed' one of my images, I looked at my Pseudo info and saw that someone had searched for 'Russia historical portrait', and zoomed 3404 of the 4003 images they viewed. Occasionally, I have seen up to perhaps about 50 zooms for a single search phrase, but never anything remotely near the 3404 in this instance. Unless this was a bot stealing our images for display on some dodgy website (unlikely? given that only Alamy customers' zooms are recorded??) just curious as to why someone would have the time and inclination to zoom so may images?
  2. Hello fellows, I don't know if I'm missing something, but when browsing through the Alamy website, there is no indication about "exclusive images" (Only available on Alamy), either in stock or live news images, in general search or individual image description (visitors mode). I think it would be an interesting option, useful to highlight the images from "Exclusive collection of stock and live news" and facilitate whoever (potential customers) either searching or browsing through the Alamy website. Andre
  3. Obviously a DACS question: Just checking if contributors use a website to search for magazine ISBN numbers? I swear I found one last year but I didn't bookmark it - and this morning's visit to the library and the supermarket bookshelf hasn't yielded all that I need. Thanks. Richard.
  4. I have uploaded a group of images from a shoot where there are 3 basic subsets. I want to be able to search for "locomotive 6777", or "locomotive 365", or "locomotive 765" from within only this one submission set. Then I can keyword and annotate that subset of images. I don't want to search (in this particular usage) my whole portfolio. Please add the Search capability to the confines of 1 or more selected submission batches.
  5. I had a file searched and zoomed yesterday with specific keywords, and sold overnight. This file was timely (in August) and I assumed having not sold at the time, it would never sell. But now I notice that it was a distributor sale to a German newspaper. Do searches on distributor sites show up in our Alamy Customer Search Activity logs? I find it hard to believe it was searched by two different, unrelated, searchers on the same day, though it is theoretically possible. Also I have several pics of the subject, so it's even more of an unlikely coincidence that this one was zoomed by one person and bought by another on the same day.
  6. I have a strange problem when using Jim Keir's Alamy Lightroom bridge. I spend quite a lot of effort trying to get my metadata fully optimised (10 supertags/50 tags, and ensuring everything is filled in). The bars on each image shows full green. Not a problem. However, when I use the plugin to do a "Set Alamy Data" the discoverability bar on the left side image grid shows orange, but the discoverability bar on the right side image summary shows full green. It's only when I change the Primary or Secondary Category does it pop back to full green indicating it's optimised. Has anyone else seen this issue, and do you know of a simple solution, rather than having to reset the category on every affected image? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ootwbe8rsltyr62/Screenshot 2018-03-28 20.31.09.png?dl=0 Stephen.
  7. I really am intrigued with the Forum - photos found in June 2018 etc ... I find it a fascinating feed. Years ago I would deliver my roll of film to the picture desk hopefully negotiate a fee and then go buy the paper in the morning ! As a newbie to Forum is anyone kindly able to explain how photographers can search the internet for possible usage and any tips to mark ones photos when editing ? Really appreciated. Matt / PennPix
  8. I was just checking my placement in searches, and was pleased to see I was on page 1 (relevant) or 2 (creative) of a search simply for "Jerusalem". I was not pleased to see that the "| more" notation did not appear on my first image, although I have 119 other images for Jerusalem. Has anyone else noticed this? (Pardon me if it's been discussed before.) Bill
  9. Till the past week I have been able to search the contributor forum by inserting by surname in the search box above. This enabled me to find sales, comments etc. No longer it seems, unless I am doing something wrong?? Thank you for any help with this, in advance and thank you to all those continuing to list found usages. Kathy
  10. Hi All, How long do you have to wait for your images to appear in the alamy search after they are approved? My images were on sale on Sunday eve 10pm and today is Tuesday morning and they are still nowhere to be seen... Thank you Michael
  11. Anybody else notice that if you do a seach on a term, say 'horse', then click on the first image, then use the back button (on Windows), the search goes to the top of page 7, not back to page 1!! I've tried 5 different searches and they all do the same. Is it just me? John. I was accessing the Alamy page from another page found using Google. It seems to work correctly if you go through Alamy directly.
  12. Maybe I’m being paranoid. Even though my measures show update of 10/31, it appears to me that zooms are broken again. Not that it’s out of the question that I’ve not had any zooms for a week, but folks, that’s highly unusual for my port. A new set of images that passed and were readied by me yesterday morning before noon, around 10 a.m. or earlier USA time, are not yet searchable. They should be. That time is well before the deadline. I'm sure that many of you are recording zooms, but that doesn’t mean somewhere something is broken for some of us. WHY ME?? Betty
  13. Could someone explain why this file (mine) showed on a search for Just Eat? I know it has Eat in the caption and keywords, but I can't see 'just' anywhere. TIA
  14. Discovered an additional toggle box underneath RF today, giving buyers the option to include or exclude "editorial RF".
  15. Has anyone tried the Lightroom plug-in 'Excire' for searching/keywording? It searches your Lightroom catalogue for similar images based on image content as well as existing keywords. Watch the video - https://www.excire.com/ Reason I ask - I don't use Lightroom but I use IMatch for keywording and the developer of IMatch is thinking of developing a plug-in for IMatch. Some users on the IMatch forum seem to rate it highly - https://www.photools.com/community/index.php?topic=6708.0
  16. I'm a relatively new user without any sales at the moment. I recently did a search for some of my images using a variety of the tags and supertags (all other fields are filled too) and failed to find my photographs. If I can't find them I can't expect anyone else too. Why are they not discoverable at all?
  17. Hi! When looking at view grid of my images I have noticed twice lately that an image of mine would get a view for a search term that I cannot recognize, meaning that the image does not have that as a keyword. The latest offender is the word "backpulver". I have never used that keyword, yet I have an image collecting a view for it. Moreover, when I go check out the entire Alamy and punch in "backpulver", none of my images show up. The other occurrence was my images getting a view for a non-English search term. Needless to say, all of my keywords are in English. Has anyone else seen this? It appears the "ghost" views are accounted for when CTR is calculated. Thanks guys!
  18. Just noticed, I have been out all day - there seems to have been another shake up of the search results. One of my test searches has moved my first image from half way down page 1 (and other people's) to page 16 pf 63! Some of my other test search results seem much the same or have even improved my positioning. Anybody else?
  19. Previously we could vary the images per page on searches. My preference was for 120. I cannot find this feature in the new search function and the default appears to be 100. Am I missing something? dov
  20. I did a search on IM for Toronto. Randomly clicked on an image of a sign for the Air Canada Centre. I noticed I didn't have Toronto in the keywords. Wondered if it was leaving out keywords so went to the image in Alamy database. Didn't have Toronto in either keywords or caption. A search in the database with Toronto does not bring up my image, but it does in IM. So it looks like IM also searches location as well as caption and keywords. If I search my Alamy Homepage it says I have 753 images with Toronto. In IM I have 815. I wish there was a way to know which ones were only in location. Jill
  21. Here is something that I consider very powerful about the Alamy search engine. As you can see this page answers the client’s request, “I like this image, but show me the rest of the shoot” It is a very powerful sales tool. I keeps the rest of the shoot from becoming lost to the client. It shows your vertical and also your horizontal. And it shows your images Here is the page http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-deciduous-trees-forming-a-windbreak-and-farm-fence-in-winter-snow-129431313.html
  22. Has anyone done a study on the relationship between image position in the search, and the price paid for the image? It would seem logical that a client looking for one $10 image would only look at 1 or 2 pages of images. It would not be worth the time to wade through 30 pages of images for an unimportant usage. However a client looking for a $500 image, for an important usage, should be willing to look much further. Even if their final selection turned out to be on the first page. This would mean that Alamy’s advice, to only keyword well, could work for the photographer. Work for the photographer, because it would save the photographer valuable time. If the above is true, then concerning yourself with BHZ, checking the position of your images in the search, or even gaming the system, has a time cost that might be better spent on producing more and better images.
  23. I can't find my images in advanced search, or when I click on images counter under my avatar. The images were showing previously
  24. Greetings, New Alamy member here. In the past few days I've got around 23 or so photos approved and they are now "for sale." For kicks I decided to come into the Alamy site as a buyer and use one of my search words and see what my photos looked like in the search que. Currently 20 pages in and have yet to see one of my photos. Now I believe that if I keep going eventually I will see my photos but this questions occurs. Human nature being what it is will buyers actually hang around and search 20 + pages in? Will my photos ever even be seen? The photos that do appear on the first, second, third search pages; how did that placement happen? Thanks for answers to these questions!
  25. I was browsing through yesterday's Alamy Measures, looking through searches that brought low views, hoping maybe to see something I could capture. I come across the search for "windmill". Alamy measures says there were 2 views. Now I know there have to be more that 2 images of windmills. So I click on the search term and up come 93,000 images of windmills. Why did it only say 2 views in Alamy Measures? And for "windmills" there were 101. I see the search term for "court" and it says 14. Click on the search terms and there are 354,000 images with the word "court" in them. Why did in only say 14 views? The lowest setting for images per page is 30, so confused on how these two searches could show so few views for so many images. Are there filters being used we can't see? Jill
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