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Search engine not updating.

Roy Waller


Hi Everyone, 

I've been a contributor for a couple of years but not been on the forum before. My passion is for UK wildlife photography. I've a few hundred images on sale and I've had a few sales. I'm happy with my progress on Alamy. The last submission I uploaded passed QC and I captioned and tagged them in 3 separate batches on 3 different days. The first 2 batches were picked up by the Alamy search engine and appeared on sale as normal. The 3rd batch I captioned and tagged on 13/2/20, AIM showed them as on sale, but they have not appeared on the public screens yet. I can't find them by Key Word search, or Image ID search & neither have they appeared on my portfolio pages. It seems they have simply not been picked up and put on sale by the search engine. Has anyone else had or is having the same problem? Should I just go strait to Alamy and ask them to look into it? Thanks a lot.

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I uploaded two submissions 13th/14th. Both straight through QC and keyworded and on sale the same day. Nothing showing yet, and not even when searching specific terms. Funnily they show in my tally amount under my forum name, but are missing if you click the link... ;(


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