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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been a contributor for a couple of years but not been on the forum before. My passion is for UK wildlife photography. I've a few hundred images on sale and I've had a few sales. I'm happy with my progress on Alamy. The last submission I uploaded passed QC and I captioned and tagged them in 3 separate batches on 3 different days. The first 2 batches were picked up by the Alamy search engine and appeared on sale as normal. The 3rd batch I captioned and tagged on 13/2/20, AIM showed them as on sale, but they have not appeared on the public screens yet. I can't find them by
  2. At the end of last year, my CTR had sunk to .20 although I had decent sales, zooms and views. This year my zooms and views are only about half of what they were last year. Now, I haven't uploaded anything new this year due to the real world keeping me busy. Yet, my CTR has climbed to .45 and sales and revenue are are slightly above the same point last year. Is this because of the new tag system, where multi word tags are keeping images from showing up in early pages if only one word in the tag matches the search? Has AIM improved the relevancy of the searches, keepin
  3. There is a new search engine popup add on for Firefox that I find handy and you can add the Alamy search engine or any other one that you like. It is called Swift Selection Search. Here is the link that is used for the popup; https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt={searchTerms} Here is the link for the Alamy icon to appear in the pop up, You will have to add the h to the link before using this otherwise the text doesn't show here only the icon. ttps://www.alamy.com/favicon.ico Here is a corrected link which is a Mozilla page, sorry don't know what happened. https
  4. Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been covered before, but I notice my older images seem to be falling further down the list in searches. As an example I've got about a dozen pictures featuring donkeys in my collection. If I search with the keyword 'donkey' the search engine returns 47,153 images of which my first three, shot in 2015, are on page 3 with one on page 4. All okay so far! If I then trawl for the older donkey pictures shot in 2003, they don't show up until after page 120. I gave up trying to find the exact page! Fair enough that they're spread ar
  5. Just noticed, I have been out all day - there seems to have been another shake up of the search results. One of my test searches has moved my first image from half way down page 1 (and other people's) to page 16 pf 63! Some of my other test search results seem much the same or have even improved my positioning. Anybody else?
  6. Does the Alamy Search Engine recognise special characters such as accents? For example if I have a photo of a cafe which was taken in France, is it worth adding the keyword Café as well as Cafe? Does anybody keyword in foreign languages as well? Does it help with distributor sales or do clients predominately search in English as it is an English site? Many Thanks Michael
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