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Photo purchased a month after it was used and printed in a magazine.



I found a photo of mine in a magazine (printed and online) 09-Jan-2020 and it has my name and alamy as the credit underneath the photo.


The photo was not purchased from Alamy until 04-Feb-2020 which was RM, usage was education book editorial print/digital use, one time use only, In context reuse permitted for life of title. Industry Sector Media design & publishing, start 04-Feb 2020 – 04 Feb 2070.

I am assuming and pretty confident it’s the magazine that purchased the rights.


I have since seen the article retweeted by a university on Jan 10th 2020, etc….


I’m happy I made a sale, but not sure why the month delay in purchasing it after they used it.


Is that normal?


Thank you!

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A delay of a month is not untoward. If the usage is in a book it can be longer. In a calendar, longer still.


The issue I would be concerned about would be the two different kinds of usage you mention. I would expect a text book to pay more than a magazine, so I wonder if the purchaser has bought the correct licence. It is not out of the question that you may find the original sale refunded and repurchased with the correct licence at a different price.  It is also possible that they are two entirely different sales.


To get a sale with only 48 images in your portfolio is good going. Well done.

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Not sure how to look into all of this, but it is a science magazine.

The article is printed and online as well (not sure it that matters).

Here are the details of the sale from Alamy (little easier to read this way):


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Educational book. Editorial print or digital use. One time use only. In context re-use permitted for life of title
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Start: 04 February 2020
End: 04 February 2070

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Thank you.

Most of my photos are geared towards POD customers (FAA), etc and I'm not sure they would 'fit' for stock, IMO. 

I probably need to upload more , but as you all know if takes so much time and key-wording, etc....

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The contributors stated that the correct license was purchased.

The image was used for online and print magazine even though the usage states 'Educational Book.'




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You could be lucky.


It's possible that the same photograph has two separate uses by two different customers; one for the educational book, and the other one for the magazine.

You've been lucky to find the magazine use, but it's not reported yet in your sales summary.

You've had the educational book reported in sales summary, but haven't found the book that it's in yet.

If not the above, then yes the licence/sale could be incorrectly reported.


Reporting dates, dates of use etc., ....take with a pinch of salt !


It can often be several months after publication that Alamy/you get notified of use.






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