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  1. The contributors stated that the correct license was purchased. The image was used for online and print magazine even though the usage states 'Educational Book.' Cheers, David
  2. Thank you. Most of my photos are geared towards POD customers (FAA), etc and I'm not sure they would 'fit' for stock, IMO. I probably need to upload more , but as you all know if takes so much time and key-wording, etc....
  3. Not sure how to look into all of this, but it is a science magazine. The article is printed and online as well (not sure it that matters). Here are the details of the sale from Alamy (little easier to read this way): Country: WorldwideUsage: Educational book. Editorial print or digital use. One time use only. In context re-use permitted for life of titleIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 04 February 2020End: 04 February 2070
  4. I found a photo of mine in a magazine (printed and online) 09-Jan-2020 and it has my name and alamy as the credit underneath the photo. The photo was not purchased from Alamy until 04-Feb-2020 which was RM, usage was education book editorial print/digital use, one time use only, In context reuse permitted for life of title. Industry Sector Media design & publishing, start 04-Feb 2020 – 04 Feb 2070. I am assuming and pretty confident it’s the magazine that purchased the rights. I have since seen the article retweeted by a university on Jan 10th 2020, etc….
  5. Hi Betty: This raccoon, has it made, she eats my seed, good quality shelled sunflower seeds, but I'm ok with it. She has babies nearby and needs to feed them. I live up against a protected area and have lots of coyotes and bobcats that frequent the area, so I know it's probably a matter of time, before the 'circle of life' catches up to her. She hangs on my metal pole and bends it and every morning, I bend it back, haha. Thank you for the kind compliments, I have a lot more photos to upload of a wide array of things, just need free time. You have wonderful photos as
  6. Hello: Glad to be accepted into this group of very creative and talented individuals. Cheers, David
  7. Hi: This may have already been covered before, so my apologies if it has. I'm curious to know if buyers are notified when new pictures matching their search terms/phrases are added? If not, it might be a nice feature for them, since they have so many options/sites to choose from. This way it could keep them more focused on searching and hopefully purchasing from Alamy. Maybe Alamy has a save search function for the buyers? Again, I do not know. For example, if I'm a buyer and I'm searching for "person dropping phone onto hard surface"
  8. You mean with over 100 million images there are still gaps? Just kidding, email please.....
  9. Well my first submission failed. QC said, it lacked definition and camera shake. I guess I should take my camera off my tripod next time, haha..... Oh well, I'll try again. I am assuming that if the first picture fails, the other 2 aren't even looked at.
  10. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have exported them at the proper size and have submitted my first 3 images for QC approval/denial. We shall see if I get approved and if not, I'll try again. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be posting more questions. Cheers, David
  11. Thanks everyone. The reason I cut them down at that size was for a magazine that published a few of pictures in the past.
  12. Hello: I am trying to upload my first 3 images for QC to see if they are accepted. I shoot all my picture in RAW and they are over 22mb each, but when I finish processing them in Lightroom, they are down to around 600K. I get the following error when trying to upload them: "This image is too small. It needs to be at least a 17MB file when uncompressed. This is likely to have a JPEG size of 3-5MB." Clearly I am not exporting them at the right size/dimensions. I usually export them at 1024 on the long edge and the resolution 300 pixels per inch.
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