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Another One Bites the Dust - PDN Closing - Where are We Headed?

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PDN Magazine is closing - and as this blog article from Photoshelter mentions, that leaves us with very few photography magazines. 

The blog article and interesting commentary


I remember when I took photography back in college, even the magazine racks out in western Massachusetts were crowded with so many offerings. Of course that was 40 years ago...what a different world we live in now ...but even a decade ago, there were still so many options... and there were bricks and mortar bookstores where you could stare at the racks and pick from scores of beautiful magazines on any topic that took your fancy.


It's amazing that some of the oldest stock photo agencies left weren't even around 15 years ago.


Anyway, I didn't see any discussion about it here so thought I'd start one. 


PDN runs two of the biggest photo trade shows in the US - PhotoPlusExpo in NYC - where I've taken some amazing classes by world-class photographers, and you get to play with all the new gear too. - And WPPI for wedding photographers. They are still going to be running the trade shows ... but who know for how long?  I used to belong to the Professional Photographer's Association (a nationwide group of local county and state-wide associations) and it got to the point where they couldn't get some of the major Photo giants to come to their trade shows even in the NY metropolitan area and so attendance suffered - I just wonder what will be left for those who want to learn this craft - will it be all YouTube videos? 


Your thoughts?

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My thoughts are we should be put out to pasture, Marianne!  It seems so much of what I hold dear is going..going..gone. And I guess I’m part of the problem. Up to 3-4 years ago, I bought anything from 5-8 paperback novels a month. It was expensive. Now I read on a kindle, and get many free books from bookbub. I do pay for one sometimes, too.

i still like to hold a physical newspaper in my hands, although now I’ve been forced to get the digital form of the Oklahoman since moving to Wichita.  They have discontinued mailing the paper version out of town. But I have the Wichita Eagle printed ink version to read. But they raised the price of the subscription so high this year, I was forced into taking it 3 days a week. Fewer readers, yet they still have to pay employees and reporters who expect an occasional raise. And they discontinued the Saturday paper.

So it’s no surprise that the magazines are going. It’s been happening right along with newspapers. Maybe soon, videos will be all that’s left for photographers as you suggested.  
We can blame it all on the young people while we munch grass in the pasture and try to steer clear of the glue factory.


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15 hours ago, Chuck Nacke said:

I started a thread about PDN closing weeks ago...



Ah yes on 28th January.... a bit less than 2 weeks ago.

Perhaps if this had been posted in ‘stock photography discussion ‘ instead of in ‘let’s talk about pics’ more people would have seen it?




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