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Found 3 results

  1. PDN Magazine is closing - and as this blog article from Photoshelter mentions, that leaves us with very few photography magazines. The blog article and interesting commentary I remember when I took photography back in college, even the magazine racks out in western Massachusetts were crowded with so many offerings. Of course that was 40 years ago...what a different world we live in now ...but even a decade ago, there were still so many options... and there were bricks and mortar bookstores where you could stare at the racks and pick from scores of beautiful magazines on any topic that took your fancy. It's amazing that some of the oldest stock photo agencies left weren't even around 15 years ago. Anyway, I didn't see any discussion about it here so thought I'd start one. PDN runs two of the biggest photo trade shows in the US - PhotoPlusExpo in NYC - where I've taken some amazing classes by world-class photographers, and you get to play with all the new gear too. - And WPPI for wedding photographers. They are still going to be running the trade shows ... but who know for how long? I used to belong to the Professional Photographer's Association (a nationwide group of local county and state-wide associations) and it got to the point where they couldn't get some of the major Photo giants to come to their trade shows even in the NY metropolitan area and so attendance suffered - I just wonder what will be left for those who want to learn this craft - will it be all YouTube videos? Your thoughts?
  2. I have just received an email from Archant (I used to be a subscriber to Professional Photographer as part of payment for an article but I didn't renew) which starts with: Sadly, we've taken the difficult decision to cease publication of Photography Monthly and Professional Photographer magazines. The rest was about the alternatives for subscribers. Its a pity but PP had seemed to be struggling for a year or two. So more print titles fall by the wayside but the UK market is probably over-served by newsstand photo magazines especially now so many people are using phones. It will be interestiong to see if any others follow suit - most seem to be similar and stuffed with listing adverts by the major dealers who must also be feeling the pinch if they are not selling pallet loads of compact cameras etc. Surely there is a limit to how many dslr dealers the country can support? Might it also mean that there will be fewer camera users seeking to earn pin money or the ego trip of publication? Might the stock photography market be splitting into two (or 3 with video) markets. Might high-end stills just be beginning to move back to a more niche offering albeit with a smaller market (at least while the smartphone look fad works its way out). One can hope
  3. That's the 'Natural Environment Research Council' (UK). Just as a matter of interest, this could be a location to note down as a search for licensed images. They publish a monthly spreadsheet of their spending (listing on their website going back to April 2010). Unfortunately, the spreadsheets don't contain togs names, just details of amounts paid monthly to Alamy, so I guess it's down to a search of their Website or their publications. Just a quickie to start - from the Planet Earth Winter edition 2013 (link to pdf) The full archive listings for the planet Earth mag. (back to 2008) are here. B9BFXN by NSP-RF Apologies if this is old news to some !
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