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Have you found any Alamy images in April 2019

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Guardian Online 09/04/19
Ian Dagnall    Bars and cafes on Laurinska Street in the historic city centre, Bratislava, Slovakia - Image ID: JWGN77

Guardian Online 10/04/19
Clarence Holmes Wildlife    A bright metallic green Sweat Bee (Augochlora pura) stands on the tip of a finger. - Image ID: GDKE0X
David Kilpatrick    Apple Macintosh Mail program email messages - Image ID: BH9T72


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Guardian Online

DBD48W Robin Chittenden Chinese Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis)
EWADDM pbpvision Signs at the Millennium Country Park, Marston Vale
E9G2B9 Images & Stories Replica of Henry David Thoreau s house Walden Pond
J715MD Freer Law pot of faded succulent plant close up


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Guardian Online 10/04/19
Guy Corbishley     The Home Office UK Visas & Immigration Office at Lunar House in Croydon, London, UK. - Image ID: J65XP8
 Photo Central   The Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, viewed across the River Dart from the Kinsgwear side - Image ID: F05K8D
Koba Samurkasov     Georgian Military Highway, Caucasus mountains. - Image ID: MAWA19
Bert Klassen    The Trans Canada Highway at Abbotsford British Columbia with Mount Baker in the distance - Image ID: AXT00T

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10/04/2019, Guardian, p4, Israeli elections, T3FC7K, Oliver Weiken/dpa [Via Live News]
10/04/2019, Guardian, p21, Aletsch glacier, DXC57M, m_hauser
10/04/2019, Guardian, p25, art deco typography on Liberty Cinema in Mumbai, D8YHKJ, ZUMA Press, Inc.
10/04/2019, Guardian, p25, art deco typography on Examiner Press in Mumbai, F3FCD6, Dinodia Photos [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/04/2019, Guardian, p25, art deco typography in Mumbai, F3FCD5, Dinodia Photos [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/04/2019, Guardian, p25, sign at Victoria terminus in Mumbai, RMKT16, wassup6730 [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/04/2019, Guardian G2, p10, Hudson Yards, RYXT83, Xinhua


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10/04/2019 Daily Mail (print)

Stack of pound coins with red toy house on top - housing, finance concept. JY37T4 Llewellyn

The band Dawn with singer Tony Orlando, mid 70's. HD4896 Everett Collection Inc

St Abb's lighthouse at sunset, Berwickshire. ERCT4X Camillo Berenos

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Guardian Online

RF25J4  imageBROKER / Guenter Fischer  Mountain lake Lac de Champex
R19DF1 Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez  Chio recreation area and campsite (Tenerife island)
GGH67J Marie Carr Coast of Kilcar in Co. Donegal, Ireland


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11/04/2019, Guardian, p23, Mina Crandon and ectoplasm, P803W8, History and Art Collection [Alamy credit only]
11/04/2019, Guardian, p25, soldiers in Amritsar 1919, T394RD, GL Archive
11/04/2019, Guardian G2, p2, still from The Little Mermaid, HCTW92, ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection [edited]
11/04/2019, Guardian G2, p5, Kensington Palace, HCH2AP, I-Wei Huang [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
11/04/2019, Guardian G2, p5, Frogmore Cottage, R6G0MT, Graham Prentice [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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Guardian Online 10/04/19
Ink Drop    Gender pay equality concept. man and woman on a stack of coins. - Image ID: M2X5GR (CROPPED)

Guardian Online 11/04/19
Alex Segre    Bailiffs warning letter England UK - Image ID: AM7X54
Chris Rout    Woman with stomach ache - Image ID: CFR0C7

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Evening Standard, Wednesday 10th April, Homes and Property, page 7

Alex Segre, Image ID: P9K2YM, Alamy credit only.


Joggers running at Regent's Park, London, UK Stock Photo


Evening Standard, Wednesday 10th April, Homes Abroad / Homes and Property, page13 

Lucca is money well spent - Can't find the photo of Basilica San Michele Foro :-(





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Guardian Online 10/04/19
Brandon Bourdages    Chardonnay Grapes Sign - Image ID: ECX1C4


Guardian Online 11/04/19
Aflo Co. Ltd.   A woman interacts with Amazon Echo Plus at a showroom in Yokohama MID Base Tower Residence on November 22, 2017, Yokohama, Japan. Amazon Echo Plus is a smart speaker programmed with Amazon's artificial intelligence assistant app called Alexa to control home appliances such as TV and lights through human voice. Credit: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO/Alamy Live News - Image ID: KHYW4C

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Quite a few Alamy photos in Guestbook: Ghost Stories by Leanne Shapton ( ISBN-10: 1846144930, ISBN-13: 978-1846144936) published 26th March 2019.


https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=xjdrDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT443&dq=guestbook+ghost+stories+alamy+stock+photo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjritj-1sjhAhW9WxUIHadfBdQQ6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q=guestbook ghost stories alamy stock photo&f=false


I don't have a copy of the book to lookup individual photographs  - I was browsing in a bookshop! - and as far as I can see they've  all been reproduced in black & white, but the following Alamy photographers have been credited:

Lisa F Young

Frank Molter

Jonny White

Action Plus Sports Images (2)
Juergen Hasenkopf

dpa picture alliance archive

Emiliano Rodriguez

Storms Media Group

PA Images

John Fryer

ITAR-TASS News Agency


Malcolm Park Editorial

Alan Wilson ( image ref. M5WNW7 )


World History Archive


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The Times


News in pictures


London, UK. 11th Apr, 2019. The National Gallery's new exhibition Sea Star: Sean Scully at the National Gallery is inspired by the national collection and his love of JMW Turner's painting The Evening Star (about 1830), he charts a personal journey of deep admiration for colour, composition and the power of painting. Image with gallery staff member. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News , T3P2BT


Kew Gardens, London, UK. 11th Apr 2019. Sapphire Star - Chihuly: Reflections on nature at Kew Gardens - Dale Chihuly exhibits his luminous glass artworks, featuring pieces never seen before in the UK. Chihuly's sculptures transform the Gardens and glasshouses into a contemporary outdoor gallery space. Credit: Guy Bell/Alamy Live News, T3P231




typical storis for kids, books. Age fotostock, : DFJP29



View from docks over central buildings Aberdeen, Scotland. Geogphotos,  BRAX55

Massed pipes and drums at the 2011 Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Scott Campbell, F958JA

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Guardian Online

D0C0A6 adam eastland Sardinia. Italy. Selection of typical Sardinian food products, Ogliastra region.


B2PRGW Frances Roberts  An overflowing trash can in New York filled with coffee cups from competing businesses


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Guardian Online 11/04/19
Jeffrey Blackler    Ballot paper: voter apathy increasing, London - Image ID: DHK7G1

Guardian Online 12/04/19
True Images  School pupil distracted by using a mobile phone (texting) whilst sat at his desk with his course work home work - Image ID: F1XTWB

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