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The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

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I recently cleaned out my sock drawer. Now I have to attack 20 years of accumulation up in my attic LOL, so I have no time for culling my collection here. I've always been pretty picky when uploading and usually don't have too many similars.  The older stuff I took and uploaded back around 2008 certainly could be better but since it sometimes sells,  it will stay.


I got rid of about 300 photos at one point - mostly "live news" images that wouldn't have legs. It took a lot of time, and it might have been easier to move them to another pseudo but that seems like just throwing them up in the attic. 


I'm trying to shoot a lot less these days when I go out - I pretend I have a roll or two of film instead of a 64GB card in the camera. My socks now take up just one-half of a drawer, and I haven't filled up my second 64GB card yet, so I'm getting there. B)

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Last year at a local camera club there was a guest speaker - among the many things he covered was a shot he had taken that was, to say the least, gloomy (it was inside of a long-abandoned residence) - and it sold for a significant sum of money and was used as the cover art for a thriller/horror novel.  The publisher had been specifically looking for gloomy.  He warned against limiting to bright and happy, because there is always a market for sad and gloomy going on as well - so long as the photo catches the mood.

I wish I knew how to get Alamy to pass a 'gloomy' image without their 'lacking definition' or whatever description they can conjure up. Here is a real problem for me. I dare not submit an image that is not sharp with good definition. I have seen a couple of rejections in the past where I could not fathom why. Have not had a rejection for years. Maybe I am too critical? I don't want a rejection by 'testing' the border between pass and reject. Proud of my three stars.


All images have a date taken and some buyers are actually looking for historic images. I have only deleted duplicates uploaded by mistake. I have again uploaded some old images where I have used the PS haze filter, but left the old images in case a buyer actually wanted the mist or haze. You never know. Buyers are often looking to specifically illustrate something and the 'arty' image is not necessarily what they are looking for. 


I still think I have an awful lot to learn after 16 years at Alamy as very much a part timer. This is definitely a numbers game. I am certain I have missed a lot of picture opportunities because of my vision of wanting 'good looking' images. 


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