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5 hours ago, lynnfriedman said:

How do you improve the visibility of a photograph?

yes, I've made supertags, tags, descriptive titles.....



(I've searched and can't find this topic covered, so forgive if I've missed something)


Try searching the forum for "discoverability" there are lots of threads on this.


PS. The preview of your image HNC02F doesn't look right to me. It looks like the image may have been over compressed during processing, or there's been a glitch at Alamy, or it's got far too shallow a depth of focus. IMHO it's very unlikely to sell.



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You seem to have fallen foul of one of the biggest annoyances of the Image Manager. You have to deselect an image before moving on to the next one. Drives me crazy. Also, Alamy suggests using full sentences in captions. They say the search engine will give those captions preference. Also, it can take time and work and many images to achieve a high ranking. If you cannot be patient here the whole experience will likely drive you crazy.



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1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

I do. So do most people I know. But I'd put elastic in as well.

That’s either a generation thing or a geographical thing (ie North of the border). No one I know uses the term rubber band. We will be calling pavements sidewalks next....

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