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  1. thank you, everyone, for your professional and for the most part, helpful responses. It looks like the harsh responses were removed by the administrator. I merely look to the forum for advice and understand your confusion and annoyance. been there. My toys have been carefully returned to the pram (US version baby carriage). perhaps off topic, but my frustration is that my Alamy rejected images have already been accepted by other reputable stock agencies. Please understand, the Alamy system is rather confusing for a newby .
  2. thank you, everyone, for the responses I have changed the titles and will patiently await my higher visibility ranking also, I will look up the UK version of rubber bands!
  3. How do you improve the visibility of a photograph? yes, I've made supertags, tags, descriptive titles..... (I've searched and can't find this topic covered, so forgive if I've missed something)
  4. some pretty harsh answers here. let's have some compassion folks. this is a forum for advice and discussion
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