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3 hours ago, Futterwithtrees said:

Can anyone say how CTR is used in the order our images are discoverable by potential clients as they search the image data base. Are images for each Pseudonym  ranked differently or is the overall average the sole factor. Thanks

As I understand it, CTR by itself does not determine your overall ranking, which comprises CTR and a range of other (unknown) factors. It is the overall ranking which will push your images higher or lower.

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I have just a couple of days ago had my first sale.  I have not had one single zoom, at all, ever!  So my CTR is a big fat zero.  Yet clearly my images are not only discoverable but one has sold without being zoomed.  CTR on its own cannot be that important - or I would have seen at least a couple of zooms before something sold.

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I notice that if I create a new pseudonym and upload a small batch of topical photos to it, which then get zoomed, my CTR for that pseudonym goes high compared to my other pseudonyms. This has the net effect of increasing my average CTR for all the pseudonyms on my account. Is it worth creating multiple pseudonyms to increase average CTR and ranking?

Am I right in saying that small port pseudonyms seem to do better than the larger ones?


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