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  1. How to improve image ranking

    From your experience, how many pages do you think buyers flip through before they buy an image? Do they ever go past the first 2 or 3 pages for topics that have a few thousand images? In other words, how do I bring my images from, say, page 12 to the first few pages? I'm guessing there is no simple answer and maybe some might not want to give their 'secrets' away? Any help is much appreciated, I'm yet to make any sales here (I realise I only have a small number of images at the moment which probably doesn't help.) Thanks
  2. Activity and Ranking

    I was thinking about my latest surge (such as it was) in sales after an extended drought and was wondering whether one's recent activity played a part in ranking with an appropriate time lag (3-6months I suspect). It could of course just be one those statistical quirks. Difficult to tell from my figures but I was wondering if anyone had taken a break and seen sales plummet or even better has anyone who was inactive suddenly started uploading and seen a rapid rise in sales, perhaps after a few months to allow reranking etc to reflect new activity levels? I am thinking here more about upload frequency rather than actual numbers of images uploaded.