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Tracing sold photo`s

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Some you can trace using Google Image search. Seems to work in various ways. Personally I use the Google Chrome extension "search by image" - resulting in a small blue camera icon at the lower right corner - which searches for the image in question when clicking.


Firefox has a similar called Tineye. 


You can also make text searches like


[your pseudo] alamy -alamy.com


- but not many of your used images will have your pseudo credited any longer, unfortunately.



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If you look at Sales History on your Alamy dashboard you will see some details of the sale, which may give you a clue as to where to look. However, finding exactly where your usage  occurred is not usually easy. You may have a look at the monthly have you found thread, which is particularly good for UK newspaper uses and occasionally others too. If you do come across your image, please post it in the have you found thread (if not already there).

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Try going to reverseimagesearch.org where you can search by a link to the image or upload a copy of the image using Google, Bing and Tineye.  There is a plugin/add-on for Firefox called "Search by image" as well.  Right click on the image you want to search for and select which search engine you want to use or you can access the upload feature from the task bar camera icon. it may be available for Chrome as well.

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That info, Ivan, is a closely guarded secret by all agencies. After all, they don’t want us attempting to sell direct. In actuality, the buyers might want their information protected for just that reason. :D


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