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  1. I`m sure this has been asked before but I can`t find an answer. I saw in yesterdays newspaper {daily mail) a photo that is definitely mine and only on sale through Alamy exclusive rights. I have no record of it either being viewed, zoomed or sold, yet it appears in the national newspaper credited to Alamy. What is the correct way of me perusing this with Alamy , and do wish me luck. Ivan.
  2. Single male jet skiing in the sea off Eastbourne England UK Thanks for spotting this Tony.
  3. We are still breathing aren't we what could be better than that.
  4. Rural China. When I took this photograph I remember standing there and thinking , What a wonderful World.l
  5. Rooftops of Zongdian China New York City IT Company 3 year display 1 st June 2020 to 2023 mid $$$
  6. Thanks for the replies all, very helpful. Ivan.
  7. Having recently had a photo sale, how do I post it onto the "Have you sold any photos this month topic" Thanks.
  8. Thanks Alan . Guess it`s like looking for the old needle in a haystack. Being my first sale I was curious as to where and who it was sold to.
  9. Hi Alamies, Just sold my first image since joining Alamy some months ago and feeling chuffed. Is it possible to trace where the photo was sold to or what it was used for, I`m still quite new to all this but seeing my first sale has made my day. Thanks.
  10. Hi John thanks for the welcome, this is all new to me so thought I might as well give it a go. I`m in Penkhull, just outside Stoke centre, been here for 40 years.
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