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Uploading JPEGs using Lightroom

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Does anyone out their use Lightroom to upload images to Alamy? I new to Alamy and trying to upload news images. Alamy has told that my images have all been flagged with processing errors. I checked the items they suggested. The one  i believe is the issue is  baseline standard. I tried several ways with no help.Lightroom has no baseline standard options. I'm looking for someone to help me.



Dave G.

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In the Export window there is a section where you can choose the quality of the jpeg. I do it all the way up the scale though apparently just close to the highest setting is fine. I'm not hooked up to my images right now so sorry to be vague.



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11 minutes ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

All you need is the Lightroom SDK to upload via ftp (the SDK contains an ftp plugin)


The Lightroom SDK (System Development Kit) and an expert knowledge of programmming I would think. The SDK is a tool for programmers and I doubt it will solve the OP's problems. I think his problem is rather more basic from his post. I wonder if these processing errors were on the Alamy side in fact. 

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Just now, losdemas said:


Will the SDK allow you to create something for older LR versions? 

 Probably if you are an expert in programming and have loads of time on your hands learning how to use it :)

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2 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

Download the SDK, in one of the folders you will find the plugin (ftp_upload.lrdevplugin) copy the plugin to the root of lightroom, enjoy.

I have been using this for years so should work for any version



Thanks.  :)  Downloaded and saw that very handy plugin this morning!  A few useful examples thrown in - well worth a play!

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5 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

Its as simple as copying the plugin to a folder, I'm sure anyone is quite capable of doing that! :huh:


The SDK is intended as a developer (programmer) tool for creating plugins but fair enough if you find something useful in there. I doubt that it will help the OP with his problem but we will never know unless he comes back and explains what was happening.

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